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Which yoga poses are best to get rid of controlling behavior?

Which yoga poses are best to get rid of controlling behavior? 3

5 yoga practices to combat stress

Currently, yoga is one of the most effective exercises to combat stress . Maybe that is why it is very popular among many people around the world.

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Which yoga poses are best to get rid of controlling behavior? 4


This is how we present you with 5 yoga practices to combat stress , which are very easy to put into practice. Of course, these types of exercises can be carried out occasionally, although it is also worth practicing yoga as often as possible.

1. Child’s posture

Child's posture

Also known as balasana, this posture is perfect to combat stress as it is used in yoga classes to rest. Therefore, the child’s position grants mental rest and is used above all to calm anxiety and stress in general . It is very easy to do it: you just have to kneel and place your upper body on the floor with your arms extended inhaling and exhaling.

2. Viparita karani


This position, which is also called legs on the wall, is ideal for stress and back pain . This is because this position decreases and relieves tension in the lower part of the spine and hip. Also, this position is of great help to treat other types of pain or conditions such as arthritis, insomnia, mild depression and cramps in various parts of the body.

3. Savasana


The savasana posture is one of the basic ones to relax and, in this way, reduce stress. Broadly speaking, the corpse’s pose relaxes the body, calms the mind and relieves stress and is used to treat anxiety, high blood pressure, depression and headaches . Although this position seems simple, the truth is that it is not so. First of all you need to be completely calm and focused.

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First the body should be placed face up on the mat or yoga mat, with the legs open at hip height and rest the arms on one side with the palms facing up. Then close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly, while bringing all the relaxation to the body in general. Concentrated, this position should be maintained for about five or ten minutes.

4. Closed angle supine


This position helps above all to control stress and have a better quality of life, mainly in its emotional aspect. That is why this posture is very effective for anger and anguish. The closed-angle supine is performed as follows: lie on your back, placing two small pillows next to each thigh, which must be flexed, placing the palms of your feet facing each other.

The palms of the hands should be on one side of the body, looking up. The breathing should be slow and deep for one or two minutes. The knees must open and close while this position is made.

5. Kapalabhati Pranayama


This type of posture is one of the best known and easiest to carry out in yoga. It helps mainly to relax the body and, in this way, reduce stress and anxiety. 

In this case it is enough to sit with knees bent and arms on knees. They perform a series of deep and regular inspirations with their eyes closed.

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