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What are some beginner yoga posture(s) to lose weight?

What are some beginner yoga posture(s) to lose weight? 1

Beginner yoga posture(s) to lose weight

When faced with the daily stress of a mother’s life, taking time for yourself is vital. The beginner yoga postures discussed here are among the most popular of this discipline.

Doing yoga , even beginner, is great for fighting stress and feeling soothed. So to all those who have ever wondered how to do yoga , let’s take 5 minutes of our time for easy yoga postures at home.

Posture of the boat, or “Naukasana”

bine Centre5


Here is one of the best yoga postures to strengthen your lap belt. It also works the muscles of the lower back.

• Lie down on a mat with legs joined and stretched, arms at the sides down.

• Start raising your legs without bending your knees. Inhale.

• Extend your feet and toes outward.

• Raise your legs as high as possible. Two variants – Easy (a): place the arms behind the knees by folding them.- Difficult (b) raise both arms keeping them straight, trying to reach your toes.

• Try to bring your body closer to the 45 degree angle.

Hold this pose for about 10 breaths. Exhale gently while you release.

5 intermediate level exercises

Dog posture upside down, leg up or “Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana”

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This posture resembles that of a dog that stretches, it is excellent for the back, the softening of the legs and the abdominal strap.

• Easy Level (a): If your heels or head do not touch the floor, no problem. Intermediate level (b): the head touches the ground and the arms are extended at the front to maintain the balance. Remember to raise the hips to the ceiling. Look at your belly and breathe deeply with the abdomen. Do not forget to turn your shoulders out.

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• From this classic posture, lift your leg upward, keeping your hips aligned. Exhale. Do not forget to practice with the other leg afterwards.

Posture of Warrior 3, or “Virabhadrasana III”

bine Centre7

Great for fortifying the legs and abdominal muscles, while working the balance.

• Breathe calmly, fix a point in front of you or look at the ground (easier) and stretch your back leg as if the foot was pushing an imaginary wall. Keep your hips level (turn the outer thigh of your raised leg to the ground) and your arm extended.

Keep the position for 5 to 8 breaths. Repeat a dozen times.

Posture of Superman or “Viparita Shalabhasana”

bine Centre8

Still an ideal position to tone the muscles of the back, the abdominal belt but also the shoulders, the arms and the legs.

• Lying on your stomach and stretching your arms on both sides of your head as far as you can.

• Lift your shoulders, arms and legs above the ground by inhaling.

• Hold this position for 5-8 breaths, focusing on elongation.

• Return to the initial position while exhaling.

An exercise to repeat a dozen times.

Posture of the board, or “Kumbhakasana”

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Here is a very effective position to eliminate belly fat, strengthen and tone the arms, shoulders, back, buttocks and thighs.

• Stretch the legs and advance the chest forward until the arms are perpendicular to the floor and the shoulders directly above the wrists: shoulders and arms in the same axis.

• Contract the abs.

The buttocks are down: do not lift the hips too much because the “board” should allow your body to form a beautiful line. Attach a point in front of you at eye level and breathe deeply for a dozen breaths.

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Posture of the swing or “Tolasana”

bine Centre10
Posture of the swing or “Tolasana”

An exercise difficult to achieve but very effective to strengthen the transverse muscle.

• Sit cross-legged or in the Lotus position (“Padmasana”): keep your back straight, bring the top of the foot to the opposite thigh. Do the same, slowly, always, with the other foot. When both feet are on your thighs, your knees should touch the ground.

• Take a deep breath and press down hard on the floor, stretch your arms and lift your body off the ground. Take at least three deep breaths in this position, then release.

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