What differentiates Kundalini yoga from  different types of yoga  ? It acts on the circulation of vital energy, called Kundalini, to find a physical and mental balance.

Kundalini yoga frees and balances the chakras, listening to your body and reconnecting with you and your energies.

We reproduce the positions of coach Julie Ferrez to learn Kundalini yoga!

Kundalini Yoga: the posture of the frog

On a yoga mat, squat while keeping your back straight. Put your hands on the ground and take off your heels.

Exhale and put the heels on the ground by lifting the buttocks.

Keep your shoulders low and tuck your belly button.

To repeat 5 to 7 times.

The posture of the frog frees the chakra from rooting . A good anchorage is essential to trust in life. This position also improves the flexibility of the hips and adductors.

The raven to release the chakra under the navel

The heels on the ground this time, extend your hands palms to the sky. Be sure to keep your shoulders low, your belly button up and your perineum tight.

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Hold 6 breaths.

The exercise of the crow releases the chakra under the navel, called the sacred chakra . When balanced, one feels sexually fulfilled and more creative. This posture strengthens the abdominal strap and stretches the back.

What are the different versions of Kundalini yoga? 7

The position of the camel in Kundalini yoga

Kneel on the carpet. Always keep your shoulders low, your belly button up and the belly tight so you do not hurt yourself during the exercise.

We place our hands down the back and round the back.

Step 2: put your hands on the back of your ankles.

The camel’s position frees the chakras from the throat and heart . A good balance of these chakras allows to open oneself to others and to be attentive. It is also an excellent exercise to develop the ribcage and relax the chest area.

The posture of the cobra to awaken the Kundalini

Lie on your stomach, hands flat on the floor. Raise the chest by pushing on your arms.

Repeat the movements 5 to 7 times.

The cobra posture frees the chakra of communication that circulates information from all other chakras. This position has beneficial effects on thoracic breathing, can strengthen the abdominals, relieve the spine and tone the thyroid.