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Does yoga exercises burn calories enough to lose fat?

Does yoga exercises burn calories enough to lose fat? 3

Yoga to lose weight: which exercises and postures to adopt?

Do you feel the urge to lose weight and finally reach your ideal weight  ? After trying all the sports including jogging, gym or even cycling , your motivation always returns to zero.

The best way to learn something is to see how others do it. So, the lot of DVD’s are there to guide How to do yoga. From this DVD you learn yoga. To buy a DVD click this link.

Does yoga exercises burn calories enough to lose fat? 4


However, there is this little voice that tells you, “Why not just adopt yoga every day? “ .

If you have a hard time deciding, we will reveal why and how to feel good about yourself with yoga today. So, to your carpets, ready? Roll!

Why do yoga every day?

The Yoga is suitable for all possible goals you want to achieve naturally. Indeed, it brings to your body a better health , and to your intellect more serenity and confidence. Some people have the primary concern of lose weight too .

When there is only 1 or 2 kilos in surplus, it is simply a question of seeing her eating habits  in favor foods  burn fat, and do a relaxing sport like yoga every day. However if it is about ten pounds to eliminate, it is better to train with a true yoga teacher.

Practicable at all ages and by all sexes, yoga also makes you more flexible and agile. So if you want to fold in a box to mail, try yoga!

Similarly, by having all parts of the body work through a wide range of postures , practicing yoga allows you to lose belly effortlessly and refine your thighs easily.

It also helps to firm up every muscle portion naturally, without having to carry any load.

In which situations do you practice this activity?

slimming yoga

In addition to a balanced diet , doing yoga at least a quarter of an hour 5 days a week will bring you the expected results.

Make it wake up after a good night’s sleep , as soon as you jump out of bed to give your body the signal for the start-up.

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This will allow you to boost your metabolism at sunrise. There is no question of completely depriving you of your favorite dishes. On the contrary, it will make you dive faster into your bad eating habits and your daily ill-being.

In addition, significant weight gain can be explained by a fairly high level of stress. In this case, the yoga sessions allow you to relax, and thus acquire a better mental balance.

You will always feel younger, but also more fulfilled because everything is about inner well-being. Once free inside you, you will be free wherever you are.

However, if you are carrying a child or have recently left the operating room table, doing yoga is strongly discouraged.

Similarly, if you are prone to lower back pain or herniated disc, consult your doctor before embarking on such activity.

But then how to lose weight fast thanks to Yoga?

Various categories of yoga for optimal weight loss

does yoga make you lose weight

According to your needs, but also your physical conditions, there are different types of yoga.

  • Power yoga sessions that combine warmth and dynamism. Indeed, the heat combined with simple physical exercises ensures a rapid elimination of superfluous fats. However, before embarking on such an adventure, it is wise to seek the advice of a health specialist. This is an important provision in case your body is not compatible with a high temperature environment.
  • The Bikram yoga , which also takes place in a specially heated room. It also helps to burn the bad fats, but also brings more tonicity to the muscles in a regular and balanced way.
  • The Ashtanga Yoga is effective in quickly to win every portion of muscle tone and remarkable definitions.
  • The Yogalates as its name might indicate, is inspired by Pilates training. It combines physical efforts and breath control exercises. This beautiful cocktail helps to strengthen the muscles, to obtain an elegant and graceful body.
  • The Salsatherapie is a delicious cocktail of the famous Latin dance, practice yoga and various breath mastery exercises and relaxation. This is a great way to take care of yourself and why not learn some salsa.Yoga postures to lose belly fat
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The stock of fat in the abdominals is a source of discomfort and complex for many people.

No more exhausting you days and nights in sessions of 500 abs … at least for those who had the courage. If you are one of those who have it.

There are many yoga posture that combined with a good nutritional regime can quickly have a flat stomach

The cobra posture

yoga to lose weight

This reptilian pose helps to tone the belly muscles, but also to make the vertebrae more supple and hard. To do this, you must first lie on your carpet all your way, face down.

Be sure to extend your arms above your head and keep your chin and toes in contact with the floor.

Take a gentle breath, gently lifting your torso so that you almost keep it upright.

Hold this cobra position for at least 15 seconds , then descend to the floor while exhaling. Repeat this process 4 to 5 times, taking care to relax for about 15 seconds between each exercise.

The pose of the bow

If you’re looking to firm up your abdomen, this posture is perfect for getting there.

It also ensures good digestion while allowing you to properly stretch your back.

How to make the bow pose? Lie down face down, stretching your arms and legs down.

Raise your shins to the sky then surround your ankles with both hands. Now straighten your torso by bringing your head back to your ankles, always pointing towards the sky, taking care to inspire.

Keep a normal breathing while supporting your posture for at least 15 seconds.

You can rest slowly on the ground while exhaling. Repeat this gesture also half a dozen times with a relaxation of a quarter of a minute.

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The boat position

yoga for weight loss

It’s an excellent yoga pose to flatten your belly. It also has the advantage of consolidating your back and the muscle synergies of your legs.

To achieve it, lie on your carpet looking at the sky, not forgetting to extend arms and legs down.

As you inhale, lift your legs keeping them stretched to the sky. Then try as best as possible to touch your toes, and now keep this posture while maintaining normal breathing You will tend to form with your body half of a right angle.

Resume your initial position by exhaling calmly and then do the same gesture half a dozen times with a relaxation of a quarter minute.

The posture of the board

This yoga posture is best for anyone wanting a flat stomach at all costs. It also has the advantage of giving firmness and tone to the whole body, from head to toe, allowing you to burn abdominal fat .

To do this, form a straight board by shaping your whole body, taking care to take a good inspiration.

This board will support your arms well straightened vertically, your palms facing the ground without forgetting to spread the fingers without sticking.

Toes pressed against the ground, hold this pose for at least 30 seconds for optimal results.

Now decrease the tension gradually until you drop the knees to the floor while exhaling. Repeat the process a half dozen times by relaxing a quarter of a minute between exercises.

The pose of the release of the winds

It is a yoga posture that has a direct impact on the colon by normalizing the level of gastric juice and thus promoting better digestion.

This exercise also has the advantage of giving more tonicity to your lap belt.

For the make , lie all along your back on the floor and arms extended downward.

Also keep your heels in constant contact. Now, bend your knees and slowly bring them closer to the chest by pressing your stomach with your thighs.

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