Have you been practicing Yoga for a few months, a year, or maybe 10 years? Do you love getting on your Yoga mat and practicing postures, breathing and meditation?

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What are some yoga/exercises to keep yourself energetic and motivated? 4


But sometimes, you feel that you have little slack and that your motivation for Yoga decreases?

Result: you procrastinate constantly the moment when you will resume Yoga, and the longer you wait, the more you feel guilty, and the less you feel ready to leave … It’s not your fault, we’re all a little like that!

To get out of this bad situation, you would like to know if there is a secret to stay motivated and enthusiastic in your Yoga practice , is not it?

Well, I do not have a miracle and instant method, but I still have some very effective tips to share with you to help you maintain your passion and pleasure in practicing Yoga! Discover the most effective solutions to keep your Yoga motivation intact, and even strengthen it !

What is motivation exactly?

Well, motivation is just what drives us to act. Contrary to what many people think, motivation is not innate, it is a muscle that develops through practice.

Motivation versus (fake) good excuses

I noticed that we often find excuses to push certain activities back in time . We will either accuse external circumstances or look for our own “extenuating” circumstances to  convince ourselves that this is never the right time .

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In fact, it is the pleasure principle that is often involved. As Yoga is demanding, we will often look for immediate pleasure instead , such as looking at a show or going to a restaurant, rather than trying to get on the carpet. We will sometimes let laziness take precedence over our well-being . It’s normal to let go of time-in-time! But if you see that it becomes regular, then you will have to find solutions . Indeed, if you miss several courses in a row, then you will have even more trouble to return to the carpet because you will not be fit enough.

Great excuses for not going to Yoga class (in English)

The most difficult thing is to get on the carpet !  It’s the first 5 minutes that are decisive! Once we are there, we begin to relax and we do not see the time! Practicing Yoga regularly requires many qualities, including: commitment, courage and perseverance . Fortunately, there are some methods to help you on a daily basis , which I invite you to discover right away!

In this article, I will start from each difficulty you encounter to stay motivated in your Yoga practice and I will offer you adapted and effective solutions to maintain your will.

Problem # 1: I do not have time


A little wink to the Alice in Wonderland rabbit who sings: “Late, late I have an appointment somewhere I do not have time to say goodbye I’m late , in real time.


Does your personal agenda look like this?

You open your agenda and there, bammmmm! All the things to do, all the appointments and all the displacements are obvious to you. You concentrate thoroughly to look for a small gap, a little free time in all this charivari of occupations … Your eye travels, travels, but does not find white, only text in the pen. Not the slightest break in your minister’s schedule . You sigh and you say to yourself:


Sometimes it’s true, our lives are very busy and we juggle constantly between work, family, friends, leisure … Moreover we are constantly solicited via our technological devices (phone or smartphone, tablet, computer …)

But often, we look for excuses because time, we have, only we use a lot to try to decompress. How? We haunt Facebook, we watch an umpteenth episode of a series … In the end, these occupations often leave us even more frustrated and tired than at first .

You will probably tell me:

You are right, sometimes you lack visibility on your own schedule. You have responsibilities and constraints that you can not always derogate from. Do you remember that meeting that lasted 3 hours instead of an hour as planned and that made you miss your evening Yoga class?

And do you remember this last-minute trip that canceled your weekend yoga workshop?

Yes, life is full of surprises and you have to accept that you can not control everything . However, does that mean that there is no room for Yoga in your life?

Solution # 1: A flawless organization

Business woman working at home

I advise you to book in advance your slots to practice Yoga , whether in group or private classes, in a studio, at your teacher’s home or even at home. Write them down on your diary and try to set priorities by warning your boss, your colleagues, your family, your friends, saying for example: “On Wednesday night I have Yoga classes, so I will leave at 18h. In case of emergency, I will organize accordingly “or” could you keep the children on Saturday morning? I would like to go to a Yoga class every Saturday. ” There you go !

Problem # 2: I do not have money



You have looked everywhere: in your pockets, on your mattress, in your piggy banks, and even on your bank account, and the report is clear: you do not have a penny to devote to Yoga . Between the purchase of your last computer with its expansion of competition memory, your week-ends escape in Marrakech, Barcelona or Berlin, and your outings weekly restaurants, you have nothing left!

Since it is out of the question to take a credit just to pay for your Yoga classes (“for a car it could pass, but not for Yoga anyway!”), You resign yourself: finished Yoga as long as you do not have not refloated the crates .

And then your pay of the month falls, and there you remember that you have, to choose, gifts to make, furniture to buy, your wardrobe to redo … And it’s endless!

At first, you think you’ve found the quick fix: you log on to Youtube and you start watching a slew of free Yoga videos . You are happy for a few days:

picsou Yoga

“I am the ace of Yoga my friends”

But quickly, you see that these free videos have several flaws , including: being in English for 80% of them, lack clear explanations and do not guarantee you a practice without risk of injury that you could have with a teacher. flesh and bone. In addition, these videos encourage you to zap without proposing to have a consistent practice and progress as you could by taking classes with a teacher or following a complete Yoga training online.

So you think you’ll enjoy free trial classes near you .

You take one, two, three … and you quickly understand that these courses are for beginners and quickly, you’re tired of always attending the same class where we explain what is Yoga, how to breathe and how to practice salutation in the sun.

The snake is biting its tail and your money problem is still not solved … Damned!

In the end, you go back to looking for real quality courses that will help you progress.


Yes it is true, Yoga, like all activities, can represent a substantial budget . We all have different financial means, but we also always have the opportunity to choose where we invest our money . Do you prefer to buy the new state-of-the-art smartphone or take care of your well-being by choosing a Yoga class membership?

“Do I keep all my money or spend a little money practicing Yoga, knowing that I love it? “

Solution # 2: I am learning about affordable yoga classes near my home and I plan Yoga in my budget

  • Have you searched for affordable yoga classes near you?
  • Have you thought of course packs or subscriptions for the semester or the year, which are often offered at decreasing rates?

Problem # 3: I do not have a carpet / no clothes


“Ready for Yoga girls? “

You open your cupboards and you do not have a Yoga mat worthy of the name . You find a good old gym mat but it is already shredded and everything is stripped (and dusty on top of that) and it’s out of the question to use it again. You have not yet found the courage to throw it but in any case it is already retired!

Clothes level: you find an old jogging pants and a faded T-Shirt … You do not want to go to class with such a quickdraw . To try to reassure you and put some balm in your heart, you decide to compare your clothes with what is on sale on the net, so you type “yoga pants”, and there, stupor, you discover plenty of colorful leggings super nice and it undermines you even more morale …


Looking for info on yoga outfits , for example, thanks to my article here  and you breathe a sigh of relief.

Solution # 3: You compose a simple outfit with what you already have in your closet

In the end, you get your hands on a black legging very simple but thick enough to avoid transparency and a T-Shirt adjusted and long enough to avoid having your belly button in the air ! And that’s played!

Problem # 4: It’s Too Far


If you go to a yoga studio which is 2 hours away from home, I do not doubt that you will often prefer to stay under your comforter or in front of a series than to make all these trips! To keep some regularity and joy in your yoga practice, it must be simple for you to get on the carpet . From experience, I know that if your yoga studio is accessible quickly and easily, for example on foot, or by bike, then you will go there much more often!


Your studio is a few subway stations or a few minutes drive from home … Do you find that it is the beard to resume transportation after a good Savasana (the final relaxation)? And then you come back down to earth: you need what you need and there are some sacrifices to make you feel good then …

Solution # 4: Find out about the courses closest to you

You type Yoga + course your city or your district on Google Maps, and there, pafff full of small dots appear and you jump at the eyes! You will find all courses within a few kilometers in the blink of an eye!

For example, if you type “Yoga Paris 13”, here’s what you’ll find:


  • Classes are either too early or too late
  • The temperature is between 0 and 5 ° or between 20 and 30 °
  • You have a stuffy or runny nose

As a result, you feel that going to a yoga class is going to require a superhuman effort and you prefer to go directly from work to cocoon at home.


  • You are finally very good at finding a class at a convenient time
  • You put on a sweater or you put on a dress instead of jeans and the temperature becomes perfect for you
  • You inhale essential oils before you leave and carry a pack of tissues that you keep on you. And there, miracle: in dog upside down, your nose is coming out! You did well to go to class finally!

“All problems are illusions of the mind”

Some bonus ideas to stay even more motivated in your Yoga practice:

  1. Prepare your bag in advance and put yourself in uniform!  If you practice at home, keep your carpet clearly visible to think easier to practice. You can even keep it unrolled  to encourage you even more and so you just have to climb it!
  2. Do you expect a little reward after your classes : a few squares of chocolate, a good cup of tea or tea, a phone call to your best friend to debrief the course, a movie to watch …
  3. Read Yoga blogs and books , look at pictures, videos. In a nutshell, feed your mind! By the way, you may be aware (or not?) But I have a Youtube channel! Just type “YogaPassion” to find me and watch my videos🙂
  4. Train friends with you! To many, we are always more motivated!  And if it does not work: Tell them about your Yoga practice and all the benefits it brings you.  This will create a stronger commitment because they will regularly ask you: “So where are you from Yoga? And there you can tell them all your discoveries and your progress🙂
  5. Never force yourself! Your Yoga practice should remain a pleasure and not an obligation or a chore! Sometimes we need to take small breaks to find the spark! And do not forget that Yoga is not only practiced on the carpet: it is also practiced outside, through your lifestyle!
  6. When you have a little slack, take a paper (or open an empty page on your computer), and write down your 3 main motivations for practicing Yoga . Finding your “why’s” will greatly help you stay motivated!

Some examples :

  • Feel good in my head and in my body
  • Learn to let go and manage my stress
  • Tonify my body and relax
  • Boost my energy
  • To relax
  • Take time just for me

“Practice Yoga and enjoy life”

Keep this list handy and think about looking at it again when you feel your motivation is slipping!

Take advantage of your current motivation and take action!

And you? Do you have an ultimate motivation? A profound reason to practice Yoga?

It can be to lose weight , to gain more confidence in yourself, to take life more Zen …

I hope this article will help you to keep motivation for Yoga lasting!