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What Are the Effective remedies for Kemadruma Yoga?

What Are the Effective remedies for Kemadruma Yoga? 3

Kemadruma yoga in astrology

Kemadruma yoga in astrology as per the widely known definitions is formed when there is no planet in the 12th and 2nd house from Moon. When one or more planets other than sun are posited in the 2nd, the 12th or both 2nd and 12th house from moon the yogas formed are known as “Sunapha”, “Anapha” and “Durudhara” respectively. Kemadruma yoga is formed when there are no planets in both 2nd and 12th house from moon.

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What Are the Effective remedies for Kemadruma Yoga? 4


  • Parashara Varahamihira and satyacharya are of opinion that absence of planet in 2nd and 12th from moon causes kemadruma yoga.
  • Srutakriti a yavana emphasised that presence of any planet in 4th from moon is sunapha, 10th from moon is anapha, and both 4th and 10th house is durudhara.
  • Another view says these yogas are to be counted from 2nd and 12th house from the moon’s position in navamsha.

The last 2 views are however not much recognized and the 1st view is most popularly known and recognized.

kemadruma yoga in astrology

kemadruma yoga in astrology

Different authorities mention different results for kemadruma yoga but all have

You can also see the above results in horoscope of famous people who are born under kemadruma yoga even though they look rich they are actually under debts and have all the above qualities of a “Bhogi”. Kemadruma yoga makes one a Bhogi.

Another version of kemadruma yoga is said to be formed when Moon, Saturn and Venus are in angular houses and Mars and Sun occupy the 8th and 12th house. The native born under this yoga shall confine himself to his native place. This can be categorized in one of the bandhana yogas.

Cancellation of kemadruma yoga

  • Varahamihira and garga are of the opinion that kemadruma yoga will be mitigated when any of the 5 planets namely Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn happen to be in angle or in association with moon.
  • Varahamihira also says when Moon is in angle from ascendant or be associated with any of the 5 planets causes bhanga of this yoga.
  • Aspect of all 5 planets on moon also cancel the kemadruma yoga.
  • Aspects of all benefics on moon also makes one rich and happy as per the classics which can be taken as a cancellation of kemadruma yoga.
  • Presence of any of the 5 planets in angles from ascendant and moon also causes bhanga of kemadruma yoga.
  • Adhi yogas to moon cancel the effects of kemadruma yoga, there should be benefics in 6,7,8 houses from moon. Sun’s presence lessens the effects.
  • Certain nabhas yogas and amala yoga when benefics are in angles to moon also destroy the negative effects of this yoga.

Note: Moon in conjunction with any of the 5 planets when occupying an angle does not cancel the effects of this yoga if there are no planets in angle or 2nd and 12th to it as per garga hora.

Kemadruma yoga basically shows a bhogi and indicates weakness of mind due to now support from other planets to moon who is the karaka of mind. This makes the mind and intellect of a person dull making him unable get expertise in any skills or talents, he remains a bhogi just born to suffer or enjoy the fruits of his past good or bad deeds.

Moon is the root cause of strength of all the planets hence placement and strength of moon and its participation in yogas and good vargas is one of the most important pointers of ability, skill and success of a person in life. Nabhas yogas are also important feature of horoscope as they operate independently all through the life irrespective of dashas and transits.

Remedies for Kemadruma yoga
  • Donate Rice, Kheer, White silk, Pearl, silver and milk as per yathashakti regularly. Donating pearl is good remedy than wearing it.
  • Worship lord shiva by doing abhisheka with water and milk and offer bilwa patra regularly or atleast every Monday. Worship shiva parvati, also do pooja to river ganga.
  • Take blessings of your mother and try to keep her happy.
  • Do rudrabhisheka regularly.
  • Recite Durga kavach regularly or get durga saptashati paath done from brahmana on regular basis. Complete atleast 100 and do nava-chandi homa after that.
  • Mrityunjaya worship helps to remove all arista.
  • Make provision of water supply to places like temples or drought prone areas or places where water supply can help to satisfy thirst of people and animals.
  • Recite Chandra kavacham when moon is weak or moon dasha is on.

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