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What’s the best way for yoga?

What's the best way for yoga? 3

How to start a home yoga practice

Do you want all the benefits of yoga without the expensive cost of a studio?
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What's the best way for yoga? 4
Here’s what you need to know to start a yoga practice at home, including safety tips, essential equipment and more.

Safety tips

Safety tips

You think you’re ready to do a handstand or arch back, but be wary of yoga injuries .”Never try a posture, especially an advanced posture, that you have never done in a classroom or where you have not done some extensive research,” warns Sarah Bolen. “You see someone on Instagram doing this difficult posture, so you try it and you hurt yourself. ”

If you really want to try hard postures (we agree, they look pretty exciting) get help from a yoga colleague.”Make sure the space where you do the advanced postures is safe, whether you’re doing it with a friend or a teacher,” Sarah recommends.

The basics

The basics

You have donned your stretch pants and extended your rug , but before starting a full yoga session, you must prepare properly.

“The best thing to do before starting a home yoga practice is to attend yoga classes given by a certified teacher,” says Sarah Bolen, yoga teacher, based in Halifax and host of Surviving Yoga on the air from Coral TV. “Get the basics of a teacher with whom you will interact individually. In this way, you will be comfortable with yoga and your body before starting at home. ”

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It is also important to do some research. “Make sure you’re well prepared,” advises Sarah. “There are a ton of incredible resources online, like YouTube videos and yoga sites that will help you understand what you need.”

The essential equipment

The essential equipment

Of course, you could practice a few postures on the bare floor of your living room, but it is in your interest to have some basic accessories (plus, it’s fun!).

“You absolutely need a carpet,” . “It does not have to be expensive. You can find one for less than $ 20, especially if you are a beginner. ”

Do not stop at the carpet. To help you with the postures and make your practice more comfortable, you will need some other essential stuff . Sarah suggests getting a yoga block, a yoga strap, and pillows or bolsters.

Another advice? “Get some good workout clothes ,” she adds. “Give yourself clothes in which you will feel comfortable”.

Creating a space

Creating a space

What’s great about a yoga studio is the airy, bright, totally zen atmosphere. It can carry you far from dishes, laundry and electronics. That said, creating your own space can be even more special, because you can really customize it.

“I think creating space is the most important thing for you to be successful in your yoga practice at home,” says Sarah Bolen.

What is the key to staying true to your program?

“Spread out your carpet and leave it there,” says Sarah. “If you let him out, you’ll think about doing yoga every time you miss it. ”

She also recommends choosing a space without distractions: “no television, no bed, no mess. ”

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The most fun part? “You can make your space more beautiful, as you go, by incorporating candles, cushions and stuff like that,” she says.

Programs to follow

Programs to follow

“What I like about yoga at home is getting out of bed,” says Sarah Bolen. “I get up and get started right away. It helps me maintain my program. ”

Fortunately for home yogis, Sarah has some videos on YouTube to help you get started.

A superb short sequence to start is his video of the sun salutation . “Try to do a little bit each morning when you get out of bed,” she says.

If you are not very motivated, watch his video on how to maintain a regular yoga practice .

There are many more videos to watch from her show, Surviving Yoga , on YouTube.

And do not forget to try yoga postures to stimulate energy , help you fall asleep and stay young .

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