Against the abuse, the good life project.

Against abuse "good treatment" as a life project.

Good treatment against abuse, plain and so forceful. Do a life is the great goal we proposed Fina Sanz.


“Good treatment” as a life of Fina Sanz. Editorial Kairos.


For these bilbiogr√°ficas caroms that life has, I discovered Fina Sanz through photography, for preparing a workshop, came into my hands by chance his book “Photobiography” has both opened my mind and heart to other ways to use photography, not only for pleasure, but for introspection and inner healing. A discovery that I invite you to read.

From the reading I entered squarely in two of his books that I recommend too strongly and more if you are or rebasas and quarantine and must-read if you walk and of fifties … Youth in the heart, but should read visions life.

These are “Dialogues wise women” and “men with heart”, speaking in the second half of life. Mandatory readings.

And then I got my hands on this authentic and superb plea against the abuse is his work “good treatment” in which Fina Sanz, with his wisdom and good work, proposes a profound change of life model to a new coexistence.

We live in times unconsciously acceleration and storms ourselves as human beings, we born and develop. Lack of knowledge being in the present moment and the profound crisis of values that inhabit us, are part of those abuses which we live and suffer in all walks of life.

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It is hard to be against mistreatment. It is necessary, but it is more necessary than Fina Sanz makes us through the pages of this book as offer another model of relationship, other social values, other human relationship with others and with ourselves.

This essential allegation against abuse is the “good treatment” is divided into four parts: “Model of abuse: the product of mistreatment abuse”, “Maltreatment good treatment”, “Model good treatment: good treatment and good treatment “and” love Projects “.

To speak out against abuse must enter fully into this universe the good treatment that the author proposes.

I could continue writing wonders of this good book, like all offered by Fina and ultimately you write down if you must, but I prefer to stay with the words of the author.

Well fixed in your mind the idea. And is that against abuse, the “good treatment”.

“My goal in writing this little book is simple: to contextualize and open ourselves to think of another possible model, good treatment, in order to introduce a reflection on respectio PAA can be applied to different areas of work; that everyone return us new contributions, possibilities, concretions, which ultimately impact on health, in our being in the world, in relationships, in our social life and, ultimately, in life on this planet, on the other beings in nature, with whom -we realize it or not-are interconnected and interdependent “.



Fina Sanz works:

– “The Photobiography”

– “Dialogues wise women”

– “Men with heart.” Speaking in the second half of life.

– “loving Links”

– “Labyrinths of everyday life”

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