How to organize my life Mindfulness staff for space.

How to organize my personal life.  Mindfulness for space.

If you want to know a good answer to how to organize my personal life, no doubt, will find this good book by Francine Jay is one of those enjoyable sales leaders with more than 100,000 copies sold.


“Less is more. How to sort, organize and simplify your home and your life. ” Francine Jay Editorial Zenith


Attracted by the concept of minimalism, Less is more is the good recipe to learn to make space for what matters most,

If you ever wondered “how to organize my personal life” , I sincerely believe that this is one of those books that contain a battery good ideas to learn how.

Not a book of “mindfulness” in the traditional way to understand it , but since Plenacción you know I always try to bring proposals readings also have to do with improving the quality of life and our own well being in a changing world and evolution.

Our houses, objects that surround us, the unfathomable depths of a closet or nightstand, are often a clear example of disorganization and accumulation, bravísimo example of consumerism hiperacelerado times in which we live.

It also reflects a complication in that know how to organize my personal life and our time.

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Francine Jay, in “less is more”, teaches us a simple way to sort, organize and simplify our homes and incidentally, also organize our own life.

And we realize we have a new relationship with space, we also offer a new relationship with our time in order to organize our own lives and through the advice of the author.

Francine Jay is known as Miss Minimalist and I also invite you to stroll through its website

After a first part entitled “Philosophy” which gives us a good set of proposals to understand why the relationship we have with the objects that inhabit us and how we can take the path to the answer of how to organize my personal life so that less is more he devotes a second part which is the base that is its method called STREAMLINE proposal , is that the time to get down to work to follow his method that will give you great ideas for walking into that life of less is more We propose throughout the book.

The third part is a journey through the spaces of our house where we will make a good cleaning “surplus” , as we will make in our own lives for our benefit and that of those around us.

The book ends with a proposed lifestyle and that is where I introduce the invitation to the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness so that does not happen that quickly, our house again become a space full of useless things that we like stones backpack along our life.

In short, with the desire to show a solution to the usual question of how to organize my personal life, I’ll take the title that the author puts chapter 14 and that “in every place, thing, and everything in its place”.

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Happy reading !!.

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