How to Meditate to connect with your inner

How to Meditate to connect with your interior 3

learn to meditate to connect with your inner

Article by Soko Rincón member of the Writers Program Silva Method 

“Once you are at peace with yourself, you feel peace in your mind and heart.”

Because I refer to this phrase, perhaps because learning to meditate you closer to a state of connection with yourself, with your own breathing and your being , which can raise our consciousness to create a world where only live our dreams and illusions.

If we look back at history, we find that the first written records of meditation come from the traditions of India, in particular the Vedantism 1500 BC, so his career has been long.

Today is recurring this technique because modern life is increasingly demanding a hasty pace and constant stress , so it is a relief to our soul and spirit to stay in touch with our own inner experience.

Learning to Meditate:

• It is a simple, safe and comforting way to break free of the current situations.

• It is a state of concentration on the reality of the present moment.

• It connects us to our physical and emotional wellbeing.

• It is a path to personal growth.

Another advantage that drives learning to meditate is that being in consciousness can take our fears, insecurities or fear and transform it into trust; ie rise above the anxieties and doubts to transform yourself into the person you really want to be.

Test what has been said is this: Once Buddha was asked: What have you gained through meditation? And he said: “Nothing, I just lost my anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity and fear of old age,” so I invite you to try and learn meditation.

Do not worry if you start failing to feel these benefits, remember that persistence, consistency and discipline are the foundation for your own pace Logres have a contact with yourself, without forgetting that practice makes perfect.

So when you open your eyes, your outlook on life will be different, you will notice that if you can make changes within you, imagine the contributions you can make your way through this earthly life.

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