Silva Method and Meditation: The benefits of laughter and 5 ways to incorporate it into your day to day

Silva Method and meditation: The benefits of laughter and 5 ways to incorporate it into your day to day 3

Silva Method: benefits of laughter

Did you know that a single smile has enough power to change a mood?

And not only that: they say that laughter is the music of the soul, the best therapy exists and the remedy for all ills

But it is also something more than that: it is one of the actions that require less effort and one of the most powerful in the world to change your life.

From the Silva Method we know that the mood is vital so that manage to enjoy greater well – being and your quality of life is even better; So today we want to propose something special that is strong enough to change the course of your life you laugh a lot and you do it every day .

With that you not only’ll feel much better, but also improve your life and you will feel more optimistic to achieve everything you want.

Do you sums to challenge you add laughter to your day?

Silva Method: the power of laughter and its benefits

Did you know that c on a single laugh are launched about 400 muscles including some of the stomach that can only be exercised with laughter?

In addition, to laugh your lungs move 12 liters instead of the usual 6 , which improves breathing and increases oxygenation.

It also promotes the production of endorphins, decreases pain intensity, significantly reduces stress, enhances memory, relaxes the body and prolongs life .

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Not to mention many other benefits that laughter enhances the immune system, protects the heart, lowers blood pressure and improves alertness, creativity and learning .

Actually, nothing is faster and more effective than a good laugh to achieve balance, lighten the burdens, hopes to inspire, connect with others and stay focused and alert .

But it is also true that often you just do not feel like laughing because he suffers too much stress, anxiety, nervousness, fatigue, poor health, low self-esteem, fear … and just do not feel like laughing. But it does not have to be like that!

Did you know that meditation can help you regain the joy and zest for life?

And not only that: besides providing good humor and all that that implies, it also helps to be more relaxed, is a source for troubleshooting, changes the perspective of life for a much more positive, away from bad habits and brings harmony, peace and prosperity.

Therefore we recommend that if you have not already, you begin to meditate as soon as possible to take advantage of its more than 100 recognized benefits and make your life what you always wanted.

Do you know the free lessons Silva Method? It is a mini-course introduction to the Silva Method, where not only you learn to meditate on Alfa thanks to audio and famous exercise of centralization, but also learn how to change your life. If you have not received the free lessons, you can start them today from here.

Among other things, meditate increases the benefits of laughter.

And besides all that we like, laugh often adds joy and flavor to life, relieves anxiety and fear, improves mood and resilience, strengthens relationships, helps resolve conflicts, you It helps be more spontaneous, makes miss going defensive and promotes bonding group .

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Besides all that, it helps to recharge, change the perspective of life and helps you stay emotionally healthy. By mention to only some of its advantages!

So now you know what a good laugh can do for you … Do you dare to incorporate it into your everyday life?

Meditation: 5 Tips to laugh more and better

And although it is incredibly good laugh, sometimes it costs laugh or simply do not go out or do not know how.

It is why, beyond the spontaneous situations that put us in a good mood and activate our laughter, we suggest some ways to start incorporating laughter (and its benefits) to your day.

# 1) Dwell. Did you know that meditation is one of the most effective techniques to improve your outlook on life, increase mood and bring optimism?

You can use the best technique for you: close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing, leave blank mind, listen to the powerful exercise of centralization Alfa and meditate successfully in seconds and change the state of your mind when you want … Whatever you like best!

But keep one thing in mind: meditation and laughter are a perfect match, so if you have at least five minutes a day between 1440 … Set aside some there to meditate.

# 2) Change your attitude: smile more! The smile is the beginning of laughter and it is also contagious. So next time you see or hear something that is nice to just smile … One thing leads to another, and you have to start somewhere.

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# 3) Surround yourself with funny people. Spend time with people who laugh easily and find the humor in the most mundane situations.

Remember that laughter is contagious, so surround yourself with people who laugh easily will help trigger more laughter.

# 4) more laughter and fewer regrets. Instead of whining by the frustrations of life, tries to make fun of them.

If there is something that is so frustrating or depressing it’s ridiculous learn to approach it with irony and even imagine how you could share it with your friends.

To bad situations, look for the humor. This will help you improve your mood and that of those around you.

# 5) Use reminders. Put a funny poster in your office, choose a screen saver that makes you laugh or keep in view a picture frame with a funny photograph that you go out with your friends or family in a fun or laughing situation.

What did you think these 5 tips?

After this … Do you dare to laugh more and take life with humor?

He thinks the humor works quickly: in less than half a second the left hemisphere analyzes the words and structures joke, and the right hemisphere “understands” the joke while in the area visual images are created and finally laughing.

So let’s smile … What makes you laugh? Tell us your funniest situations, your favorite movie or even a good joke with that you laughed a lot.

The point is that all of us laugh and begin to sow the habit of laughing every day. Do you sums to the challenge?????