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What is the simplest way to be calmer, to relax, and to reduce stress?

What is the simplest way to be calmer, to relax, and to reduce stress? 1



Most people in stressful situations run to the pharmacy and buy “something from the nerves.” However, it is not always necessary to immediately resort to medicines, especially without prior consultation with a doctor. If you learn to relax and control your emotional state, you can easily overcome stress. There are various soothing and relaxing techniques, as well as exercises against stress.

Meditation is an excellent method for relaxation

Meditation is one of the oldest practices, applied in order to calm the mind, disconnect from the experience and relax. This is a very simple and accessible way for everyone to relieve tension and feelings of anxiety. It is necessary only to observe certain conditions, so that meditation for deep relaxation and stress relief would give the desired result:

  • meditate in solitude or in company with meditating people;
  • you need to choose the most comfortable position, which will allow you to relax absolutely all the muscles of the body;
  • you need total concentration on the process. To do this, remove all distracting noises, including a mobile phone;
  • for a background quiet music or recording with sounds of nature is good.

Here is an example of simple meditation for calming and relaxation. Sit on a chair or in a lotus pose. If in these poses you can not completely relax, lie down on the rug, and slightly spread out the arms and legs. Try to immerse yourself in a state of complete relaxation. Begin to breathe, take slow deep breaths and exhalations. In order to not get into the head of extraneous thoughts, just count the breaths from one to ten for several minutes. Try to conduct such sessions daily, and you will soon notice how your emotional state will improve.

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How does yoga help to relax, relieve fatigue and stress?

yoga for relaxation
Kundalini yoga classes help not only with stress, but even in the treatment of deep depression. In the human body, nature is based mechanisms of recovery and self-healing, however, it is the regular nervous stress that blocks these processes. Yoga practice helps to fight tension and anxiety, removing energy and psychological blocks. Yoga from stress and depression includes a set of exercises and active meditation (breathing in motion).

Begin to master the practice of yoga with a simple exercise that can be performed separately or added to any complex. Accept the baby’s pose: sitting on the heels, lean forward, lowering the abdomen to your feet, touch the floor with your forehead, hands freely lying on the floor along the body or stretched out overhead. In this pose, try to relax completely and start to slowly breathe your belly for a few minutes. This is an excellent exercise for relaxation and comfort, which can be done several times a day. Each person will be useful yoga for relaxation, removal of fatigue and stress.

Respiratory gymnastics and other exercises that relieve tension

breathing exercises
Correct breathing contributes to the fact that each cell is saturated with oxygen, this stimulates the production of hormones in the body of joy. The person begins to feel vivacity, lightness and a burst of energy. Daily breathing exercises help relieve accumulated stress and fatigue. Try a few simple breathing techniques:

  1. counting to 4, take a slow deep breath, hold your breath for 5 seconds, then exhale slowly. This exercise helps to fall asleep easily;
  2. inhale and exhale alternately, then left, then right nostril;
  3. slowly, take a full breath at first with the stomach, and then with the thorax, hold the breath and exhale slowly slowly first with the thorax, then with the stomach.
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Very good stress relief is helped by simple stress-relieving exercises that can be performed even in the workplace. Such gymnastics is especially important for those who have sedentary work:

  • stand up straight, with your legs apart, pull your arms up while inhaling. Strongly stretch, and on exhalation sharply lower and shake hands;
  • standing, throw your head back, and bent at the elbows, hands forward, maximally stretching the shoulder girdle. Do this gymnastics several times a day, it helps to relieve tension.

One of the best psychological methods of relaxation and removal of fatigue is color therapy

color therapy
Color therapy for stress relief is applied in many countries of the world. There is scientific evidence that different colors can influence the chemical reactions taking place in the human body, including the work of the pituitary gland, which is responsible for the production of hormones. A specialist in color therapy will help you to create an individual program for dealing with stress and depression. Also, you can simply surround yourself with objects or choose clothes of a certain color to improve your emotional state and mood. Consider how different colors can help to cope with a stressful situation:

  • choose blue if you have high blood pressure and you need to calm down;
  • from pains of a different nature, blue objects will help;
  • if you are prone to seasonal depression, do not abuse the purple color;
  • from nervous breakdowns and chronic fatigue syndrome will help you cure green. It perfectly helps with headaches and heart pains;
  • yellow color will lift your spirits, give self-confidence and relieve frowning thoughts;
  • and if due to stress you have lost your appetite, use orange.
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