Achieve goals by dividing goals. The Kaizen technique

Dividing goals achieve goals.  Kaizen technique

How many times have you tried to get goals without reaching your goal proposal because it has become too difficult you?


Dividing goals achieve goals, it is the proposal that can get through a few simple steps derived from kaizen techniques.


When you propose to achieve these goals you in your daily work, you have to be clear about a couple of things, and that without constancy and without patience , hard can get very simple goals you may first appear.

Another important in achieving objectives matter is “realize” that the space you inhabit is here and now, the present moment, so you must learn to flow in it to enjoy the whole process, because even if not reach the goal, you’ll feel good for having taken advantage of your time and undoubtedly have learned things in putting you your comfort zone, you had not seen.

As for kaizen technique ( “change for the better” or “improvement” in Japanese) becomes a technique of continuous improvement, a methodology known as MCCT: Continuous improvement to Total Quality and is associated with the production system industrial.

This is going to make small daily changes or actions, which together will result from achieving goals and, therefore, to achieve those goals you’ve proposed.

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In the kaizen technique known as the Deming circle, which is a tool for continuous improvement and commonly known by its acronym is used (PDCA) :

  • Plan (Plan): a goal is established, the problem or need is analyzed and the action plan to be carried out to achieve defined objectives.
  • Do (Make): Known as the objective or goal, and when you have the action plan, run , and are recorded steps.
  • Check (Check): After a proposed time, the steps taken are analyzed to see if they are on the right track to achieve objectives
  • Act (Act): Known results, they go see if you need to impose changes to achieve goals.

But let’s give an example of how to achieve goals through kaizen techniques:

It is, therefore, to set goals and the final goal and divide these into small step that must be taken with perseverance and patience.

Let’s say we want to have a career. That is, in a unviersitarios graduate studies. Well, the ultimate goal will be to get our title, but see, it’s a long and expensive goal.

Let us, therefore, to subdivide it into smaller goals to achieve that together give us the ultimate goal.

We establish a reasonable time to achieve the goal in terms of our interest, time requirements, obligations, etc …

This is a very personal analysis to achieve objectives as it depends on many circumstances.

Obviously the first step would be to know the university where we will study, faculty, services, etc …

Another objective would be to know the curriculum, how to enroll.

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We should acquire the enrollment or see how through the network.

See what equipment you will need, propose daily study time.

At this point, the proposed daily study, could be another objective, and, therefore, must organize it as another step you have to attend. where are you going to study ?, how long? …

You see, ultimately, when it comes to achieving goals, once given the goal, it is best to breaking down the process into small goals so you do is not so hard.

If you just say, “I have to put to study” … the issue can get out of hand, and seem like a millstone. While if what you do is to first prepare the study site, look for materials, adjust your schedule … you end up sitting down to study the proposed time every day.

Every so often, you should sit down and evaluate what has been achieved or done , to see if you’re on track to achieve objectives or establishing any changes need to go.

You see, what is the process is going feeling as from the present moment, from the here and now, things are flowing and to think about the ultimate goal that is there in the distance, you’re letting flow for the space of time in which you dwell, which is none other than the present moment.

big goals into small steps. Therein lies the key to achieving goals and achieve goals.

You do not do a mean or a marathon run out one day suddenly. First you walkfew meters, another day you’re trying to walk faster and intersperse minutes trotting … one day you get your first kilometer running nonstop … and the amount of regular workouts, you’re willing to try the adventure of running a medium or a marathon.

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That’s the best way to achieve goals.

In order to be able to delve into this technique, I leave you then a good book, I’m sure, will be very useful.

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