27 Keys to Happiness

“Happiness is inside, not outside; therefore, it does not depend on what we have, but what we are. ” 

Henry Van Dyke (1852-1933) American writer.

“Men always forget that human happiness is a disposition of mind and not a condition of the circumstances.

John Locke (1632-1704) English philosopher.

Life sometimes puts us at a crossroads, and it is when we know how to choose the right path. We are constantly making decisions , every day, every second; but perhaps the most important choice we must make all is: CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY.

27 Keys to Happiness
Amelia Zuzel

Many things have been written about happiness, perhaps it is more complex to define the origin of the universe, perhaps it is not something that can be expressed in words. Perhaps it escapes the understanding of our mind, or it may be something as ethereal and unattainable it seems to us that we never quite catch.

Happiness is not only to get rid of depression, problems, suffering, but rather to have a sense of joy, peace, fulfillment and amazed wonder at life. Many say that happiness are moments that come and go, they are moments when we enjoy, we get excited when we achieve something we wanted intensely, for me happiness is a state of being in which we are in balance with our inner selves and the world around us. Being happy is to be in harmony with our reality, feelings and actions.

In any case, I think I could come up with some personal conclusions about happiness, and I thought that maybe they can also serve you to have a happier life.

In my first article as a guest on this wonderful blog naylin yoga, I want to share with readers my 27 “secrets” or keys to happiness, the day of my 27th birthday :-D, as a way to celebrate and thank all how good life has given me.

1. Thanks everything good in your life.

Every morning when you wake up, before allowing any thought into the garden of my mind, deeply inspired and expired, he stretched his arms and legs in bed and made a mental prayer of thanks.

Thank you for all the good things in my life. If I’m going through a difficult time, maybe at first not remember anything good moment to be grateful for that day, but then I say: think twice . So they begin to turn all those blessings for which to give thanks.

This was my prayer of thanksgiving this morning, you must find yours, that comes out of your heart:
Thank God, the universe thank you for this new day, this beautiful new dawn when I have the chance to be happy, to give and receive love, to share with my loved ones all the best of me. Thank you life because I have a wonderful family that gives me unconditional love, for the privilege of having sincere friends who accompany me on the road, even if they are away. Thank you that I am now a person aware of my actions, because I feel full of love to heal, repair and expand others. Thanks sun illuminate with your light this beautiful morning, your mere presence in heaven and believe in my heart great joy and gratitude. Now I have everything I need. Today is a great day and I’m happy

Why a prayer of thanksgiving?

Because when you’re grateful to life, she will be with you. The universe likes grateful people.
When you recognize all the good that happens to you, you feel a very lucky man, which miraculously makes more good things come into your life, by the power of intention and attraction of the universe.

Anyone who appreciates what he has, he is aware of all the treasures around him. Thus, when they come storms that threaten to destroy their crops, he knows that his barn has other large stocks of seeds to replant.

I share with you this beautiful song sung by Mercedes Sosa, is a hymn to life, hope you like:

2. The habit makes the monk. Incorporating positive habits that build your willpower and your perseverance.

My mother always told me that the clothes make the man , that small daily actions that we incorporate into our lives are one of the most important keys to happiness.

If we incorporate positive habits to exercise our willpower and our perseverance, we will see real miracles that will transform us.

There are a number of daily habits that to me help me a lot, do I put as an example, but remember that your habits are personal, and only you must choose them according to what you think can help you build your character will, discipline and perseverance:

  • After my prayer of thanks, I get up and then I make the bed and arranged my room. With this simple task morning I make sure to keep order, because as my mother says, if you order your stuff, you order your life, and everything will flow better.
  • I change clothes and preened to look pretty. I watched with cheerful and harmonious colors, light shades.
  • I open all the blinds of the house to let in the sunlight. It is an instant miracle for good mood ????

You can learn in this article The 5 Morning Rituals for energy, inner peace and mental clarity.

3. Practice regular physical exercise

And speaking of habits. I think the most important habit that I’ve managed to incorporate into my life is to exercise 4 days a week.

These workouts are giving me enormous physical, mental and emotional benefits.

From the physical standpoint, my body has been strengthened and has more flexibilidad¡¡Me feel full of energy !!

On the mental level, I have found that when a sport is practiced, if you’re really concentrated all negative thoughts, worries etc, disappear from your head in a jiffy.
Yoga meditation to introduce us , we relaxes and quiets the incessant noise of the mind, offering a pleasant inner peace.

Yoga in Denia with naylin
Yoga in Denia with naylin

From an emotional standpoint, physical exercise causes me a release of emotions, I feel freer, lighter and connected to my inner being.

My recommendation is that you find your own routine, one that is best fitting to your tastes, your needs, physical abilities and time you have available.

4. Make decrees and positive affirmations.

We must remember that thought is creative. Everything we create starts first in our mind, is where the raw material that later become our reality kneaded.

I firmly believe in the power of positive thinking and in this sense, make decrees and positive affirmations it has greatly helped me bring more happiness to my life.

What are the decrees and positive affirmations?

A decree is an affirmation of positive thinking consciously choose to inject it into your consciousness and thus produce the desired results.

These decrees must pronounce them with strength and faith. They are always affirmations in the present tense, as if you had already granted what you want.

Here you have some examples, be encouraged to try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain:

  • I am the creator of my life and my experiences
  • The universe gives me everything I need to achieve my dreams
  • I’m the only one who can change my world
  • I think positively and always find solutions
  • I feel healthy and full of energy
  • I love myself, therefore I take care of my body lovingly.
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5. Display

A few months ago, after going through a difficult time of my life, my brother recommended I make a consistent exercise visualize in my mind how he wanted me in a year and a half starting from that day.

What I did was look for a nice and quiet environment, sit quietly and write a Word document on my laptop, what I wanted for the near future.

As I wrote I tried to visualize myself with all those desires fulfilled. I even added images I searched the Internet that reflected those desires, in order to give more strength to practice visualization.

I visualized at what point I wanted to be in the physical, emotional, professional and economic level, and put everything in writing, describing every detail.

This exercise would especially recommend, I think it has a lot of power. Over the months I’ve been reading once a week I titled this document: My notebook dreams.

And as if by magic, little by little, I’ve been noticing amazing changes. You do not have to believe anything I say, just try it and tell????

6. Share the wealth of your soul.

“All that is not given is lost” Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Few things are more rewarding in life to share. To share we not necessarily have to be rich, at least not in the material sense. Maybe we can share our riches are the soul: that part of us made of love and hope.

Recall that only love heals, dissolves and restores. Therefore, share love, and repartamos also joy, enthusiasm, respect, solidarity, hospitality, kindness, optimism and lots and lots of understanding and tolerance.

We not repress these treasures within us that we can all grow to share with others. Let us be generous, because everything good demos the world, he returns to us multiplied.

7. Recognize and celebrate your successes

Celebrate your successes
Celebrating my successes

Recognize and celebrate our successes is an extraordinary form of motivation and momentum, allowing us to recharge energy to take on new challenges to open our horizons.

Whenever achieving some goal no matter how small, every time something good happens to me, the first thing I do is thank God and the universe and then celebrate. Celebrating is sharing the joy letting flow within.

You can celebrate a thousand ways: perhaps going for a walk, preparing a feast, regalándote one caprichito, anything goes, as long as you feel that you have recognized your merits and you have allowed celebrate.

To you who read me I ask you:

Do you have a your successes? I’d love to read your comments.

8. ‘Baila !!!

I’m from Cuba, I have blood passion for dancing. When the music plays, my feet are going solitos????

No matter who think I do not dance well or have no sense of rhythm, no one dances, dances for you. Find a song that enable you, to put you on “vibrate mode” dale “play” and lose yourself in the music. Libera every part of your body without restrictions.

In my case, two of the best hours of my week are always those that dedicate to my belly dance classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. By the way now the teacher is teaching Polynesian dance, and when I dance I feel like I was in the selfsame exotic beaches of Hawaii????

Do you dare to try?

9. Spend time with friends

“The leopard has a coat
in its dry and brown mountain:
I have more than the leopard
. Because I have a good friend”

José Martí

Who have a friend, have a treasure. Friends are those soul mates who have joined us along the way and encourage each of our steps.

Friends are messengers of love that accept us as we are, but also can and should, help us become better, to overcome our own limitations.

All the time you devote to friends, never be a waste of time.

For women it is very good for our health cultivate the relationship with our friends. We connect ourselves in a way that enables us to provide support systems that help us deal with stress and difficult life experiences.

As I read, from the physical point of view, this quality “time for friends” helps us make more serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps combat depression and can produce a general sense of wellbeing . Women share our feelings from our soul with our best friends and, certainly, is very good for our health. He said that spending time with a friend is so important to our overall health as going to the gym.

So, every time we sat down to chat with our friends, celebrate it by doing something good for our health and happiness ????

I take this opportunity to share with you this beautiful song about friendship Laura Pausini

10. It contacts Nature

Nature is the bridge that connects us to all existence, the vibrant force that creates the inextricable link between all.

Contact with nature is allow yourself to feel that bond in all its fullness. Open the eyes of the heart and contemplate the innocence of a child beauty around you.

You can do this in many ways, such as hugging a tree, walking barefoot on the sand of the beach or the grass of the field, remaining silent while listening to the sounds of life pulsing around, stroking an animal or simply gazing with admiration at a sunset, while you feel the beauty of the horizon also spills abundantly in your heart. This way you will be able to see that we are all united in the great miracle of existence.

If you have not heard whispering nature lately, now is a good time for you to give him a chance.

11. Seek silence and a little solitude

Hand contact with nature, comes, subtle and loving silence.

For me silence is an ally I look for and appreciation. When silence comes at me, I drop into its depths, and that is when I detect the subtle sounds that inhabit it: the beating of my heart, the air flowing in and out of my lungs, the vibrant energy of life.

When I’m alone, I feel that loneliness as an opportunity to revel in the search and the knowledge of my own being. A time to connect with my essence, to relax and meditate.

I think there is a big difference between loneliness and desolation . When you’re desolate it means you feel the need for someone else, strange to another, or some circumstance that is no longer present.

Loneliness is however, the radiant presence of oneself. It is a conscious presence, rooted in the now, and that presence you can fill the whole universe , there is no need for anyone or anything external.

With this mixture of solitude and silence you better know and understand that we must be able to find our way by ourselves, without attachments that cause us suffering.

In addition solitude is an open bridge to creativity , you can take advantage of those moments to find your creative element.

12. Live NOW. Moment by moment

According to Zen, the past no longer exists and the future has not yet arrived , the two move in directions that do not exist.

I have read many interesting texts on this philosophy of living in the present , now I remember an extraordinary book that I have come several times in my life that makes us think a lot about this idea and I recommend strongly: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle .

A person who lives now, is one whose thoughts and actions are directed at the moment, here and now.

Life is a teeming sea of possibilities where you can dive and collect beautiful treasures, only if you leave your burdens of the past and your fears about the future. The key is to remain available to what comes your way as it comes. And do not panic if you stumble and fall, just turn to get up, wipe the dust, breathe deeply, laugh at yourself and continue your path to happiness.

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13. Before going to sleep thinking about all the good you’ve done during the day

The first few minutes to wake up and the last before falling asleep are very important. The awakening will mark the energy and mood of your day, and prior to sleep will note relaxation and peace you need overnight.

For me the minutes before sleep are a ritual of meditation and relaxation . I like to always read before bed, some of those books whose messages feed my soul of good vibrations. Then I close my eyes as I reflect on everything done during the day. Especially I try to remember all the good, to give value to my good deeds and my achievements. Thus I fell asleep wrapped in a pleasant feeling of satisfaction. I also take these minutes to pray , thanking God for the blessings of the day, and health and wellness asking for my loved ones.

14. Take care of your mind like a beautiful and delicate garden

Do not let negative thinking push you down, do not let you collapse or that flood the garden should be your mind. When a negative thought go to your mind, think again, change it to positive.

Turn your mind in a garden of roses, carnations, gardenias and butterflies. Let petted dew in the mornings and if ever your tears flow, water it with love and hope, because even the greatest pain is a door to a new opportunity .

Find the positive side of things. Learn from the negative. This is not to repent but to learn.

The more you sow seeds, grow more flowers and trees around you at any time have a beautiful forest within reach.

When you stop to think about what hurts you, you’ll be able to do great things for your own good and all.

15 shows a smiling face to life

Smile to life
smile to life

In my bedroom I have a clipping from a magazine that says in big letters this phrase of Gabriel Garcia Marquez . “Smile, because you never know who will fall in love with your smile”

The truth is that a smiling person falls in love, and has a magnetism that brings out the best of us.

When you go to others with a natural, sincere smile, it seems impossible that you return a snub to change. So change the bitter faces and gives a smile to everyone who comes to you.

Remember this Gandhi said:

“Life is like a mirror: If I smile, the mirror smiles back. The attitude to take towards life, is the same that life will take before me. “

16. Keep detachment

Detaching means not depend on anything or anyone for your happiness. It is normal to have preferences, that’s fine, but stick, tied to those preferences can bring unhappiness if left at some point.

The key is to reach a state of consciousness in which you can remain unattached. Osho gave us a method. It recommended that at any moment you realize that something is possessing you, you influence to such an extent that drags you away from yourself, do a deep breath, inhaling deeply, while watching “thing” but looking like a witness, as a spectator.

When you experience this release attachments , you will feel more powerful, because you will be more yourself, not make your life and your happiness dependent on anything or anyone. So you can find refuge in your own inner wealth if that something or someone is no longer in your life.

Socialize and share, and if you see that the time has come to leave because the roads are separated, say goodbye with gratitude for what the other person has meant to you, for all the joys and beautiful moments shared, without suffering or pain.

17. Act in spite of fear. Get out of your comfort zone

Happiness comes from living a life of purpose and meaning, exploring and pushing your limits . Fear is inherent in all, however, it should not be a paralyzing element in the fight for our dreams.

Acting in spite of fear , fill yourself with courage and determination, saying to yourself: I can, I can, in my heart I have the strength and power to transform my life .

At all times, you must ask yourself if you’re living up to your full potential or if instead the fear is paralyzing you in your personal growth.

Do not let circumstances take you from inertia, losing control of your own life and therefore your happiness.

How to get out of your comfort zone?

Out of our comfort zone it is to consider new challenges that challenge us to get the better of us. You must go step by step, and not lose enthusiasm. As Logres lose fear in those little things that block you in achieving your goals, celebrate it as a success in the way of your personal fulfillment.

18. Surround yourself with optimistic and positive people

The environment around us is crucial. I always try to surround myself interacting and people with optimistic and positive spirit to strengthen my will to change and help me spread the wings of my enthusiasm and joie de vivre.

Remember that an important part of who we are is formed through beliefs and information of others. Beliefs are not necessarily true or false, right or wrong, beliefs are opinions that are transmitted from generation to generation. Knowing this, you can consciously choose which messages and attitudes that will not support your goals and your emotional health and replace messages and attitudes yes they will.

19. Find your passion

Find your passion, you find that activity to fill your soul , so much so that while you are doing not feel the need for anything else. We should really be passionate in everything we do every day, although there will always be things that we report more fully than others.

Find what they made you feel full and vital. Passion is linked to your creative element, the force that drives you, that makes you vibrate the essence of your being.

To me passionate about many things, but if I had to highlight three, I would say without hesitation: dancing, writing poetry and helping other people feel happier.

And you, have you already found your passion?

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20. Work on what you like, do it with joy and love. Be creative

If you find your passion, if you live passionately, it is logical that you work on something you like. Remember that much of our life is spent in our work, therefore, the best for your happiness is to enjoy what you do.

We all have a natural talent, a gift that makes us unique. Do not waste that gift that life has given you, try to enhance it and find out if you enjoy it while you can make a living with it.

Do your work with joy, with love and using your creativity, because the act of doing so will not be purely economic and will produce you and those who receive the fruits of your job, a spiritual growth unprecedented.

You love what you do, whatever it is, and I know meditative and conscious while performing your task.

21. Get rid of hatred through forgiveness and love. Sorry, let go of what causes you pain

“I release myself from hatred through forgiveness and love. I understand that suffering, when you can not avoid, you are here to make me move towards glory.

I understand that everything is intertwined, all roads converge, all rivers are walking toward the same sea. “ Aleph by Paulo Coelho.

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In life sometimes they come a time when it becomes necessary to close some doors, so that new ones can be opened. It is not a matter of pride, it is for the simple reason that those doors no longer lead nowhere: the past no longer must return to your life so you can recognize what comes in the mind that is when life happens.

It happens that sometimes we find it difficult to close some doors because we still saddled with the burden of a wound of the past, but the more you keep open the door that leads to the wound, the less it will heal. This happens because there is something you have to forgive to free and heal.

Regardless of the bad things that happen in life, you have the ability to choose your reaction: looking for the positive in every circumstance, accepting what happened without reproach or guilt, forgiving and releasing any pain you feel inside you.

Not worth clinging to the sad memories, hatred does not help, forgiveness and love are the keys that will open new doors, otherwise you’ll live anchored in the past, feeding the pains and sufferings old.

I encourage you if you feel in a situation like this , you set your mind to forgive from the depths of your heart, you must be a genuine forgiveness , starting forgive yourself, then forgive any person or circumstance that has hurt you.

From now on, put your strength to build a new life, walk straight without looking back, do as the rising sun every morning, no traces of the previous night. Sorry, let go of what causes you pain.

22. reborn again and again. Whatever happens do not be overcome

There are moments in life when it seems that the world collapses us, especially when we had put all our hopes and dreams in a dream, and suddenly, they are hopelessly frustrated or appear obstacles that threaten to destroy them.

It is in these moments, when we get all our inner strength not to succumb to despondency. We think that everything happens, and that time will offer new insights into the situation.

Tries by all means bring out your spirit of survival and improvement . Try not to let you tear down by difficulties, pray a lot and ask God to give you strength, patience and acceptance if the situation can not be changed.

Listen to music that cheer you up, read self – help books , get together for a while at least punting problems and keep your mind on solutions, not lamentation with good friends. In these circumstances we must try to keep a clear mind to act in the best way possible and not fall into depressions. Do not be overcome, but also accept your vulnerability as a human being, and if you feel like mourn, cry, because tears cleanse our souls, and when we finished releasing repressed all that pain, we feel more relieved.

23. Focus your mind every little action. conscious thought.

I think there is a close relationship between happiness and focused and conscious thought.

Since I get up until I go to bed to sleep every day, everything I do I encounter an important sense because I do it with love, enthusiasm and responsibility, aware that it is good for me, for the people I love and even for humanity, for all the good we do, it will be good for all humanity. I put all my attention to the smallest detail because in this way not only do things right but I enjoy making them.

In each new thing you do or create, put all your attention, when you prepare a meal for your family, you write a letter, you walk through the streets of your city, chat with friends, you make pretty pictures or contemplate a beautiful sunrise. In this way you will give a new meaning to every moment and feel happier.

24. Power Your Spiritual Intelligence

We are one body and one mind, we are spiritual beings. Spiritual intelligence enables you to see and understand the world from a spiritual dimension.

Boosting your spiritual intelligence you can quench the thirst of your soul to connect with all existence and manifest the divine essence of your being.

We should learn to develop our spiritual intelligence to feel more free, fully know, explore and choose their own values and better understanding of other people, to express our creativity and cooperate with other human beings. To be more cheerful and happy.

25. Inhale your actions and your words in LOVE

When you flow with life, when you know full and you try to understand other people better, when you discover your connection with all existence; your thoughts, words and actions will undoubtedly be born of love.

The love that radiate from you, will be a clear expression of your inner joy. The more love you give to others, the more love return to you multiplied.

Do not talk or act when you’re angry, let anger giving way to understanding and love . Remember that what you see in others is what the background is also within. If you develop love in you, you will see love in others.

Inspire your words and your actions in Love because Love and Happiness are sisters who dance always together.

26. Enamórate LIFE

Falling in love life is to find and admire the beauty of all the little details, the miracle of nature and creation.

Falling in love life is to appreciate the tenderness of a hug, a smile magic, the mystery of dawn, the caress of the wind and everything she gives us without asking for it.

Fall in love with the fleeting and the eternal, the divine and the mundane, of the important and the trivial, because only when we are in love we see the perfection of the whole.

27. Do not despair, be patient

Life has its own rhythm, everything takes time, it takes patience to see the fruits of our efforts. Do not despair, relax in the place and when you are, learn to wait without despair.

Keep the flame of hope and optimism always alive , savoring the virtue of patience with confidence that the result will be that you want . You pigeonhole not thinking about the distance you lack, appreciates all the way already’ve come, is not going to be looking towards goal miss what is really important: El Camino.

Finally, before saying goodbye I want to remind you that we are the only ones responsible for our happiness. It is crucial that we take charge of our lives and choose to be happy despite any circumstance that we are going through. We owe it to ourselves and those around us to seek happiness, but do not seek it out, only we shall find within us.

I hope these words will benefit you in your quest, I’ll be happy to hear your opinions and hopefully you will be encouraged to share your own “secrets for happiness” with all readers of this blog.

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Much love to you who read me,

Zuzel Amelia Gorostiaga Gardens