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Today I give you another one of the classes I have prepared for my yoga students in Denia.

As for the asanas I leave two variant sequences, you can do that you feel better according to
your physical and mental state practice time.

In this link you can see important tips to consider in your yoga practice at home.

Class theme: Strength and stretch your arms and flexibility for change

Emotionally, arms represent our ability and our ability to embrace the life experiences of life. The arm has to do with the skills and abilities forearm. Joint store the old emotions, and elbows represent our flexibility to change direction. Think for a moment if you are flexible to change direction in life, or if instead the old emotions keep you stuck in one spot.

New mental model: With love, naturalness and joy I welcome and embrace my experiences.


  • neck exercises: Griva sanchalana
  • Stretch column in front, behind column with breathing, easy posture.
  • 6 laps of Sun Salutation
  • sequence arm strength (short version or stronger version).
  • Forward Bend
  • torsion
  • sailing, plow, fish

Sequence arm strength, short version


Sequence arm strength, stronger version


original source sequence

Pranayama technique and breath control

Anuloma Viloma Phase 2 : alternate breathing without respiratory retention.

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Inhale through the left nostril for three seconds, opens the right nostril, the left cover with the annular coil and the right for six seconds. Inhale through the right nostril for three seconds, open the left nostril, top right with your thumb and turn to the left for six seconds Repeat three times. The ratio is 1: 2.


– an excellent control over the prana or vital energy in all its forms and functions is achieved;
energy channels are purified; It harmonizes energy in energy centers.

– attention and concentration is developed.

– Equilibrate the glandular system.

– body fluids are harmonized: lymph, blood, air, and
so on .

– the voltage is removed neuromuscular and nervous system tissue.

– It warns against psicastenia, stress and anxiety.

– respiratory system is sanitized.

– lungs are strengthened and pulmonary alveoli benefit.


Catchment meeting point between inhalation and exhalation and vice versa: Breathing naturally, removed the minds of all to connect with breathing. Free ideas and tensions, carefully follow the course of inhalation and exhalation. But still put more attention, if possible, to try to capture-that is, of percatarte- the fleeting moment that melts inhalation or exhalation encounters and exhalation melts or merges with inhalation.

Ie must remain very attentive to perceive the course of inhalation and exhalation and, most especially, the confluence between inhalation and exhalation and exhalation and inhalation.


Lie down in Savasana position and get ready to relax about 10 minutes body, mind and soul. Make a mental journey through your body and letting go, relaxing completely. Then focus your attention on abdominal breathing, and feel the air fill your belly as you inhale, and release it to compress slightly when exhaling.

Enjoy this moment of relaxation, peace and welfare.
Feel your body, your breath, quieter and quiet your mind. And finally, Thank yourself by the time you have dedicated to you, and again recalls the theme of the class. Perhaps now you feel a little more prepared to face the changes.

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