How to Improve the body and mind connection in 6 steps

How to improve the body and mind connection in 6 steps 3

mind body connection

Mind and body are not two separate parts, but two parts of the same whole.

Everything you do affects you physiologically mind, and so does the reverse.

To give an example: if your body drink alcohol, even that’s something “physical”, what happens to your mind? The answer does nothing to show that everything you do in your mind or your body will affect the other.

For example, through visualization and specific techniques that you can learn all you have the ability to heal yourself. And that is something that many experts in health care have experienced first for years.

But in terms of benefits, there are many.

With a good body and mind connection you can cure the vast majority of health problems you may have .

Once you know how to use your mind and visualization techniques to act on your body yourself may be surprised of the results.

There are cases of people who have claimed not need more drugs to control their blood sugar.

Others say they have eliminated health problems including stress. high blood pressure, body aches, joint pain, headaches, weight problems, sexual problems, stomach problems and more.

But while this sounds like a great alternative to treatment the truth is that you never stop seeing a doctor for a serious illness.

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Instead practiced using the mind to heal the body during treatment in most cases.

6 Steps to a good mind body connection

Thousands of people have reported self-healing through mind control techniques.

Jose Silva spent many years studying and practicing various techniques related to the immense power exercised by the mind over the body, in controlling diseases and improving health.

Here we share 6 simple steps that you must follow for self – healing :

1) beta level, begins to make a mental cleansing.

Mainly, try to be careful with the words you use to activate your brain ua these can cause benefit or harm.

2. Put yourself in Alfa level.

This, in itself, is a fundamental step towards self-healing, because at this level the negative work of mind is neutralized and the body is free to repair itself, as has been planned by nature.

3) At this level repeats the same positive words hjas that in the first step to beta level .

4) Use the mental screen to experience , observe and feel your disease, but do not dwell too long on it.

This step should be short enough to concentrate your healing energy at the point where you want.

5) Quickly Clears the image of your disease and experience the feeling that you are completely healed. feel freedom and joy that brings you the fact of having perfect health.

Cling to this picture, demórate watching and enjoy.

6) Strengthen your mental cleansing with the phrase “every day in every way I feel better, better and better.”

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This exercise will not take more than 15 minutes, and you should do it at least once a day.

It is important to know that your mind has an incredible body to influence the power and you can lgorar great results if you know how.

In the Course Connecting Body and Mind Silva Method we share step by step all the techniques and research conducted José Silva for years , and we offer you absolutely everything you need (material, audio guides and exercises) to that already can begin to exploit the full potential that lurks in your mind to your body note the consequences.

If you want to learn how to heal your body using the power of your mind, we invite you to read more about Body and Mind Connection Silva Method.