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Breathing in yoga as a way to improve the quality of life

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What yoga postures are best for my 2-year-old kid 1

What yoga postures are best for my 2-year-old kid

The child does not like gymnastics, but you continue to make attempts to involve him in sports and exercises? Try yoga for children. Yoga is a universal way to maintain health. There are many varieties of asanas and their purposes: yoga for pregnant women , yoga for conception , yoga for mothers. There are even specially designed asanas for newborns – baby yoga . And […]

Yoga: What is karma yoga? 3

Yoga: What is karma yoga?

KARMA YOGA, THE YOGA OF ACTION PRINCIPLES OF KARMA YOGA “Karma Yoga is the selfless devotion of all activities, both internal and external, as sacrifice to the Lord, of all the works offered to the eternal, as Master of all energies and austerities of the soul”. The best way to learn something is to reading […]

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