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How Do I Become Mentally Strong?

How Do I Become Mentally Strong? 5

“The clear mind stays in balance and blossoms the knowledge”, it already said Yoga of the control of the mind, the Raja Yoga. Amidst so many outside stimuli, especially in the age of technology and the pressure to be “successful,” it has been difficult to have a balanced mind.

It is in this quest for mental balance that Yoga can be a strong ally. Calming and silencing the mind are some of your primary goals. It is an age-old practice that seeks self-knowledge, worked through psycho-physical postures, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation.

 Concentration and focus

How Do I Become Mentally Strong? 6

Being able to discern is one of the greatest difficulties in the world today. Excessive stimuli such as the constant use of the cell phone, the accumulation of information, charges generated by the consumption of material life, pressure on the professional life and the raising of children, for example, generate a lot of mental demand. “The mind can not stop because it is overloaded. Many people who seek to practice Yoga say they can not sleep because the mind does not stop. Yoga helps to tune the mind, to balance it, so that the person can have the self-control to focus and discern what information she will absorb and the information she will eliminate, “says the yoga teacher.

 Yoga decreases anxiety

Anxiety is one of the major evils of today, where people need to show fast results, accumulating innumerable activities. The rush to solve everything quickly creates great anxiety in people. “Most people who are seeking yoga practice are very anxious. Yoga in this sense helps calm the mind, “explains Regazoli.

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Work the patience

How Do I Become Mentally Strong? 7
The lack of patience to expect things to happen at the right time is another problem today. “When you silence your mind, you become more patient and less anxious and wait for the right time for things to happen”

Do Yoga to lessen stress

Wear and tear caused by stress affects the central nervous system and regular practice of Yoga, you achieve a more serene mind and relieve the tensions of the body as well. “Overconfidence and mental work generate this daily stress.

Meditation Raja Yoga – How To Do And What Are Its Benefits?

Want to experience peace deity? If you think that peace of mind and divinity is all you can get through meditation then you will surely have another thought coming towards you! Meditation has countless benefits attached to it. Along with peace, it is very effective in improving your health, it helps to reduce weight, instills leadership qualities in you. It has the ability to heal, improves concentration levels, helps in rejuvenation and above all improves your inner strength. This answers your question about what meditation is Raja Yoga. Lets start with why and how then!

There are several types of mediation. One of which is Raja Yoga meditation. If you are a beginner in meditation, then this is the one for you.

How To Make Raja Yoga Meditation

Just start by following the appropriate techniques mentioned below:

  • Take 20 minutes of your busy schedule in the morning or evening as long as feasible for you.
  • Sit in one place and relax. Try to forget all your stresses, worries and focus on one point.
  • Try to keep calm and do not let any other thoughts enter your mind. Just remember one thing you have to relax.
  • Let positive thoughts come in. Now close your eyes and meditate. Try to bring positivity and divinity. Stand for 20 minutes and release slowly.
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After successfully learning meditation, it is important for you to know what the actual ingredients of meditation are. You must know the main pillars in which meditation represents. These are 8 levels / members of Raja Yoga. This is also known as the eightfold path of yoga.

  • Yama (self-restraint):  This level deals with your attitude towards society. All non-violent peaceful virtues such as Ahmisa, Satya and Brahmacharya are the components of this level. You have to be fair in everything you do.
  • Niyama (Observance / Adherence):  Niyama is observing your inner self. Here, you have to know the person who resides within you. You have to understand your soul and attitude towards yourself. This includes purity, devotion to the Lord, self-learning, satisfaction, and simplicity.
  • Asana (postures / poses):  This is an important aspect in Raja Yoga. Meditation is very important, but with correct posture and mudras, it helps you in generating positive energy that works as a cure for illness, problems and worries. Asana must always be comfortable for the person who practices it.
  • Pranayama (breathing exercises / controlling the breath):  If you want to learn meditation, it is important for you to know what pranayama is. This is controlling and monitoring your breathing. There are several types of pranayama. The basics are fully and slowly inhaling until your lungs are full of air and then slowly exhale fully.
  • Pratyahara (To withdraw its meaning): When meditating, it is essential to break with the world ie to completely separate the world and to approach God. For this, you need to slowly withdraw your 5 senses from the environment that surrounds you. This is necessary to experience spirituality while practicing meditation.
  • Dharana (Concentration):  This level needs no explanation. This essentially means to focus on one point. It could be any object, place or even a thought. Do not let your mind deviate from it.
  • Dhyana (meditation / thought about God):  Here, you have to focus on the divine aspect and think about God. You have to keep concentration until you are completely involved in those thoughts. This is the point where your actual meditation begins.
  • Samadhi (Being one with God / union with God):  This is the final step where you are completely immersed in divinity. This is the point where a person no longer in himself, but is permanently attached to the Lord.
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Raja Yoga is certainly an excellent choice for those who wish to experience eternal peace deity.

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