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How to choose the right yoga style?

How to choose the right yoga style? 3

Today, yoga centers
offer a wide variety of styles and techniques of yoga practice. Newcomer it can be difficult to understand and define the style that suits him. Of course, you can always seem like a different style and to determine in practice their preferences. This advice should not be neglected. However, lack of time and fear about the fact that something can not work at the first lesson, and other factors may prevent the visit a variety of yoga practice. Therefore, we recommend pre-acquainted with the basic styles and yoga techniques and determine which ones you are most similar in nature.

Each one of the existing styles has its own specific features, poses certain challenges to practitioners and focuses on a particular aspect of yogic knowledge. For fans of Power yoga practice centers offer the following directions: Ashtanga Vinyasana yoga , Power yoga , Bikram yoga . These styles lead body in tone, form a muscular corset, promote weight loss and energized. We should not forget that these methods are suitable only completely healthy people, especially Bikram yoga, where the classes are held at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius and require a considerable strain on the heart.

Healthy people in good physical shape, for which the exercise are not on the priority that want to develop flexibility, maintain a good mood, to achieve calm the mind, it is recommended to visit the Hatha Yoga , Yoga 23 , Universal Yoga and Yoga Flow .

For beginners who have a weak sports and physical training (lack of flexibility and stretching, inertia, etc.), refer to the Iyengar Yoga , which is characterized by detailed detuning asanas using auxiliary materials. This greatly facilitates the learning process and ensures the security of the physical overload. In addition, yoga Iyengar is very popular with women, because during the critical days there is no need to interrupt the session. Notifying the instructor, he will offer you an individual set of asanas that will ease the painful symptoms, dizziness and so on.

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People who have health problems and elderly people should go to Yogaterapii class or turn to grammar school Victor Boyko, which involves the alignment of the personal program for each student based on his problem areas.

Those who are interested in spiritual practice, immersion in Indian and Tibetan philosophy and culture, should refer to Kundalini Yoga , Sivananda Yoga and Satyananda Yoga. These practices have a holistic approach to learning that combines chanting, asanas and pranayama, the study of canonical texts. These school is undoubtedly the best choice for spiritual seekers seeking physical and mental development.

Also, be sure to read about the basic guidelines for choosing a yoga style .

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