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How is mudra yoga beneficial?

How is mudra yoga beneficial? 11

Best Yoga Mudras

Asthma makes you feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Shortness of breath weakens your body, your mind blunts and slows down your brain. Everything goes for a draw, leaving you stuck in your bed, feeling totally deficient depressed and energy. To avoid this, try the following five yoga mudras to keep your asthma problem at bay.

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How is mudra yoga beneficial? 12


Before that, we will understand the importance of yoga mudras as healing agents.

Meaning of Yoga mudras

Yoga mudras are an independent branch of yoga, apart from asanas and breathing techniques. Mudra means a gesture or an attitude, and it connects one part of the body to the other. A mudra can involve your whole body or just your hand. There are five types of yoga mudras – Hasta (hand) mudras, Mana (head) mudras, Kaya (posture), mudras Bandha (lock) mudras and Adhara (perine) mudras. These mudras initiate currents through the body, balance the body elements and restore them.

5 Best Yoga Mudras for Asthma Patients

Yoga mudras balance the five essential elements to life (fire, water, wind, heaven and earth) in your body and heal diseases caused as a result of an imbalance in these five elements. Mudras Hasta know more than others, and your fingers in the mudras of the hand represent the five energies sustaining life in the body. They serve as electrical connections to the body, and their placement adjusts the flow of energy, invoking the five energies of life to accurately perform their specific functions.

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Hasta Yoga mudras for asthma

There is a set of 16 hand mudras that help heal various ailments of your body. These mudras can be practiced sitting, standing or even walking. You have to make sure the mudras are symmetrical and your body is relaxed.

Some of the mudras hasta effectively regulate oxygen delivery, clear bronchi and facilitate breathing. These hand mudras are mentioned below, and practicing them regularly will provide relief from asthma.

Healing asthma Hasta mudras

  1. Asthma Mudra
  2. Bronchial Mudra
  3. Prithvi Mudra
  4. Linga Mudra
  5. Surya Mudra

1. Asthma Mudra

Benefits: Asthma Mudra relieves and prevents asthma attacks.

What to do: Bring your palms together. Fold the middle fingers of both hands so that the upper halves of the two fingers are lowered, and the nails of the folded middle fingers are pressed against each other. The other fingers are kept at a distance from each other, and the palms are slightly apart. Practice the mudra for 7 – 10 minutes each day.

2. Bronchial Mudra

How is mudra yoga beneficial? 13

Benefits: This mudra helps you get rid of chest congestion and bronchitis and is life-saving during an asthma attack.

Procedure: Open your palm. Place your little finger at the base of your thumb and your ring finger at the upper thumb joint. Then put your middle finger on the thumb pad. Leave the index extended to the outside. Practice this mudra for about 5 minutes each day.

3. Prithvi Mudra

How is mudra yoga beneficial? 14

Benefits: This mudra increases the element earth in your body and boosts your immune system.

Procedure: Sit comfortably either in the Padmasana or Vajrasana or on a chair. Let the tip touch your ring finger the tip of your thumb. Apply slight pressure while doing. The other fingers should be kept straight and tense. The practice of this mudra for 30 – 45 minutes each day is good.

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4. Linga Mudra

How is mudra yoga beneficial? 15

Advantages: This mudra keeps intact the respiratory system and erases the phlegm of your throat.

What to do: Sit or stand comfortably. Clasp your hands so that your fingers are tightly bound. Place it near your chest. Point your thumb up to the left and encircle your left thumb with your right thumb and right index finger. Keep the mudra intact for 15 minutes while breathing normally.

5. Surya Mudra

How is mudra yoga beneficial? 16

Advantages: This mudra is useful for curing severe cold blockage and nose.

Procedure: Sitting or standing in a comfortable position. Bring your hands in front of your chest. Keep your palms open and out. Now, keep the tip of your index fingers with both hands at the base of your thumbs and place the thumbs on top of the index fingers. Make sure the other fingers are straight and held together. Keep the mudra for about 15 minutes. Do it three times a day.

These simple hand gestures have great healing properties and, if done regularly, can slowly cure your asthma problems and prevent further attacks.

Now we will answer some questions regarding yoga mudras and asthma.

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