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Why do people use yoga wheels?

Why do people use yoga wheels? 3

What is a ‘Yoga Wheel’ and what is its use?

Do you hear something called a ‘Yoga Wheel?’

Well, a few months ago here in Spain, it did not sound like us either, but at last it has already arrived at full speed. The Vayu Yoga Wheel is the Yoga Wheel of Barcelona, ​​made by hand.

The yoga wheel very useful for increase flexibility and It’s helpful while doing yoga. And yoga wheel is available in amazon. To buy a yoga wheel click this link.

Why do people use yoga wheels? 4


Ok, fine. It is good that now you hear the name, but that does not remove the doubt of what can be done with that wheel.

The use of the Vayu Yoga Wheel

For the Vayu Yoga Wheel serves to help in the stretching of the entire back and also open the entire area of ​​the chest, abdomen, hip flexors and shoulders. The wheel is specially designed to adapt to the contour of the spine, and the good news is that you do not need to practice yoga or be flexible to take advantage of its benefits. Vayu Yoga Wheel is made so that anyone, with or without experience in the yoga world, can gain flexibility, strength, balance and mobility, all at once. In other words it is a revolutionary’yoga prop’ and it does not stop surprising at every moment.

The use of the yoga wheel

And how is it that a Yoga Wheel can help us with so many things? How is it used?

We do not want to say that using it is sucked, but to collect the most basic fruits of a Yoga Wheel, it is. Basically we can start to have a healthier back from the first moment with the wheel. The only thing we have to do is stretch face up on top of the Yoga Wheel, and thus move around, massaging us along the spine.

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It is a simple and easy gesture that everyone can do.

He does not have tricks and there is no need to go around in the head, only in the back. ????

Think of it as a way to undo the endless hours that we spent hunched in front of the computer, mobile, driving, carrying children, etc. All that load we put on our backs during our daily life now we can subtract with a few minutes each day on top of the Vayu Yoga Wheel .

You can take these minutes from anywhere, in the morning, in the afternoon or before going to bed. Your back, your body and your being, will thank you. As we have said before, take the first step with the Vayu Yoga Wheel , then, you are sucked.

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