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Why is a yoga mat necessary?

Why is a yoga mat necessary? 3

Functional and colorful yoga mats have become the new fashion accessory for training. You can often see them around the shoulders of people as well as several mothers at home and business executives. However, the older the carpet, the more likely it is to have harmful polyvinyl chlorides.

The yoga mat very useful for during yoga and It’s helpful to avoid injury while doing yoga to improve the posture of the head. And yoga mat is available in amazon. To buy a yoga mat click this link.

Why is a yoga mat necessary? 4


The innovators, motivated by the environmentalists’ warning, have launched more ecological versions of the old carpets made of natural rubber or hemp.


Yoga students who practice hot yoga like Bikram are aware of the need for towels on the yoga mat. Performing intricate positions at 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) requires a non-slip surface. But for yoga fans who want to completely avoid the rug, Gaiam, a long-time provider of yoga products, offers a yoga mat for travel made from a blend of natural rubber and microfiber. The towels are efficient to absorb perspiration, but keep in mind the slippery factor to avoid injuries.

Yoga claws

While filming a video for his mother yoga instructor, Jamie Getzwiller noticed that the students were slipping on the Navajo carpets they were using instead of the yoga mats. He came up with the idea of ​​making yoga claws, which are fingerless gloves for the hands and feet made of non-slippery materials. They are the ultimate yoga accessory to wear for people who want to be able to practice yoga anywhere without carrying a rug. The yoga claws are available on the Getzwiller website and in many stores in the United States and abroad.

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You can find some interesting alternatives to yoga mats.

Sheepskin rugs

Kundalini-style yoga fans will have noticed participants who use sheepskin rugs instead of yoga rugs. The structures of this discipline advise using natural materials such as cotton, silk, wool or sheepskin that create an electromagnetic barrier of the soil. Yoga purists who try to live by the path of yoga, which also involves the practice of non-violence against oneself or other living beings, could have problems with the use of sheep skins. This is a personal choice.

Mother Earth

For yogis from before, there is no such dilemma. The question of whether you need a yoga mat or not would have never surfaced. A compact earth floor was the only necessary equipment. Yoga classes have been taken on outdoor occasions while the instructors were looking for new and exciting places where they could teach their students. It is not strange to see a group in the position of a descendant dog on the beach, in the park or on the side of a mountain. Putting your hands and feet in the sand and on the ground can be all the support you need to practice without a yoga mat, but if you fear some hidden danger, use a pair of swim shoes and yoga blocks to protect your hands.

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