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What forms of yoga burns the most calories?

Practicing yoga correctly can be an alternative to lose weight in a short time. Generally, a professional is the one who guides step by step and especially if you are new or beginner.

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What forms of yoga burns the most calories? 3


Yoga exercises are known to provide flexibility, relaxation, and overall well-being to the body, but are more than that, certain positions help to lose weight. And they tone the muscles of the body.

The key in yoga is breathing, and if you have a goal of losing weight , you need to know the best positions and make the most of the benefits of these exercises.

Yoga to lose weight quickly

One of the great advantages that yoga has is that it can be practiced from the comfort of home, and without spending money, since all that is needed is to have comfortable clothes, a rug, and most importantly, to know the exercises and postures that will help you lose weight:

1.- Yoga posture: the warrior


It is one of the asanas known in yoga, which is practiced standing up, and as in many of the positions that are practiced, energy works. This asana has three possible variations. The benefits of practicing this position are:

  • Strengthening the thighs
  • Work the glutes
  • Work abdomen

So, this position is ideal if you are looking to lose weight naturally and working different areas of the body. The ideal is to work this pose, especially if you are a beginner, with the help of a trained guide or instructor, if you already practice yoga regularly, you may already have ideas of how to work this pose.

In certain cases you will have to avoid this pose, if you have high blood pressure, back, shoulder, knee problems.

How it is performed?

  • Stand with your feet together, with a straight posture, with your hands to the side
  • Extend the right leg forward while keeping the left leg extended to the back
  • Gently bend the right knee so that an envestida position is obtained
  • Slowly, turn your torso to face the bent right leg
  • Slightly rotate the left foot sideways
  • Exhale, stretch the arms and lift the body up and away from the bent knee
  • Stretch your arms up and slowly tilt your torso back so that your back forms a bow.
  • At the end of the pose, carefully and slowly breathe and straighten your right knee. Slowly return to the original position.

Do not rush to finish the pose, or make sudden movements, to avoid risk of injury, take care of your breathing, and repeat the posture with another leg.

2.- Yoga posture: Ardha Chandrasana or half moon


This position has benefits for toning the thighs. And basically this pose helps to tone glutes and upper and lower thighs. But in addition, it can help work by eliminating the body fat that accumulates around the abdomen.

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And this position is practiced constantly, will help to lose that quickly. People with high blood pressure problems, chronic digestive disorders, with spinal injuries should avoid doing it.

How it is performed?

  • The posture is standing, with the feet together
  • Raise your hands above your head and put your palms together, extend them pretending to reach the ceiling
  • Exhale and slowly bend the hips sideways, without separating the hands
  • You should not lean forward, the elbows should be in a straight position
  • When performing the pose you should feel a stretch in the thighs
  • Breathing must be taken care of at all times when the position is executed. Repeat this pose on the other side.

3.- Yoga posture: Cobra or Bhujang


This position is one of the ideal to practice if you want to reduce belly fat and also strengthen the abdominal muscles. In addition, it helps in other areas of the body. And as mentioned, if these positions are made with perseverance and discipline, the results that will be seen will be incredible.

How it is performed?

  • Recline on the stomach, with the legs stretched out and the palms of the hand under each shoulder
  • The toes must be touching the ground
  • Inhale and start lifting your chest, bending back as far as you can
  • Hold the posture for 15 to 30 seconds
  • Exhale slowly and go back to the original position
  • You can repeat the pose about 5 to 6 times, resting between them

4.- Yoga posture: Utkatasana or chair posture


This position stands out for being one of those that helps strengthen the central thighs, tones glutes. Practiced regularly will be of great support to lose weight in a healthy way.

If you have a knee or back injury, avoid this pose.

How it is performed?

  • With a right posture and on your yoga mat, put your hands in the namaste position (put your palms together in prayer) placing them in the center of the chest
  • Slowly raise your hands above your head and bend the knee in such a way that the thighs are parallel to the ground
  • Bend the torso slightly forward not forgetting to control your breathing
  • Try to stay in this position as much as you can.
  • For the original position turn smoothly

5. Yoga posture: Uttanasana or forward flexion


Among the benefits of practicing this position are the work on the muscles of the abdomen, also benefits the circulation by helping the proper functioning of the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps relaxation.

In addition, it stimulates the liver and kidneys, and improves digestion. Calm fatigue and anxiety. This position is considered one of the basic ones. It also helps to combat stress.

How it is performed?

  • The posture should be completely straight and standing
  • Inhale and extend your arms over your head
  • Exhale and contract the abdomen and slowly bend your torso completely forward, taking care that the back and legs are straight
  • Place the palms of your hands on the sides of the feet
  • Direct your head towards the feet
  • Press on the quadriceps as it will help to stretch the legs better
  • Bending the knees slightly helps release the back
  • To return to the initial position, you must do it slowly to re-incorporate to avoid injury and dizziness
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6.- Yoga posture: Surya Namaskar or sun salutation


It is a set of postures or yoga asanas, making this series with consistency and regularity are very useful to lose weight. Since the series combine forward and backward bending. Giving a complete stretch.

Being a complete training, it allows not only work several areas of the body, but also helps the detoxification of various internal organs, this through oxygenation.

This series of exercises also help to complete relaxation, which leads to the general welfare of the body, being a tool that in addition to helping lose weight, also contributes to mental health.

7.- Yoga posture of the boat or Naukasana


This position to perform it is very effective to combat abdominal fat. Strengthens and works the muscles of this area, in addition to helping to strengthen the muscles of the legs and back.

How it is performed?

  • The position will be lying on your back with your legs together and extended, with your arms to the side, and looking down
  • Inhale, and begin to lift the legs up, take care of the posture as it must be straight (without bending the knees)
  • Stretch your foot and fingers as well and try to raise your legs as high as you can
  • While in this position, keep your arms straight and lift them up by trying to touch your fingers, creating a 45 ° angle
  • You can perform about 5 repetitions with 15 seconds of rest

8. Yoga posture: Vakrasana or tree


This is another of the ideal positions to work the muscles of the abdomen, tone the thighs and work the arms, and just as the other positions mentioned help this also the benefit is internally. Improving in general the welfare of the organism.

How it is performed?

  • Standing with legs together
  • Put most of your body weight on one leg, and a little on the other
  • Gently lift the leg with the least weight, so that the foot goes inward toward the opposite knee
  • You can support yourself with your ankle to help you pull the leg up
  • With the heel of the foot place it on the inner side of the thigh of the other leg, as close to the pelvis as possible
  • Gently raise your hands above your head so that your fingers are pointing towards the ceiling.
  • Try to maintain balance, making use of concentration in this posture
  • Center a point in front of your eyes, and take good care of your breathing

9.- Yoga posture: Pavanamuktasana


The benefits obtained by applying this position are many, since in addition to being useful to lose weight, can also help in the relief of back pain, improves metabolism, and naturally combat constipation.

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It can also help to firm and tone the abdominal.

How it is performed?

  • Lie on your back, with your legs straight and your arms to your side
  • The feet should be stretched out with the heels touching one another
  • Bend your knees and slowly carry, use the thighs to be able to put pressure on the abdominal area
  • To maintain the proper position on the knees, stand on your hands and place them on them
  • Breathe deeply, and try to maintain this position for 60 seconds or 90 seconds
  • As you exhale loose your knees, bring your hands to the sides of your body with your palms facing the ground
  • Repeat about five times taking breaks of about 15 seconds

10.- Yoga posture: Badhakonasana or shoemaker


This asana is very effective to reduce the fat of the thighs, strengthens the spine, the muscles of the groin, knees and lower back. Improves digestion and helps in the relief of menstrual symptoms.

How it is performed?

  • Sit on your yoga mat, with your legs stretched out
  • Keep the spine erect and begin to bend the legs on the knees so that the soles of the feet are between each other
  • Now, with your hands pull your legs so that the heels touch each other and they are as close to the pelvis as possible
  • Do not perform this position if you have knee problems

11.- Yoga posture: Pranayam Kapal bhati


Another effective posture to improve digestion, work the abdominals, generally improves the welfare of the body, as it helps fight abdominal fat. This position should be avoided if you have problems with hernias, high blood pressure. Or heart problems.

How it is performed?

  • Sit on the yoga mat
  • Keep your palms on your knees down, your spine should be upright
  • Exhale, contracting the stomach towards the spine
  • Contract the muscles and exhale again
  • With this type of breathing and with the successive repetition you may feel some pain in the abdomen muscles at the beginning

12.- Yoga posture: Vasisthasana


This posture focuses on working the area of ​​arms, shoulders and muscles in general. Improves balance and flexibility. If you are a beginner, you may begin to practice this position little by little.

How it is performed?

  • Lie on your stomach, bend your elbows and place your palms under your shoulders
  • Pull your feet from the ground making sure that your body is in the same alignment while lying down
  • Slowly turn the torso to the left, after you release the left hand. At the same time turn the right foot of its outer edge
  • Do not let your hips or pelvis fall
  • Keep a good alignment
  • Look up and try to have this position for five breaths
  • Repeat the position towards the other side

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