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The styles, schools and methods of teaching yoga

To date, the various sources of information you can find the description of a variety of different styles, trends and schools of yoga.
This variety is very difficult to understand not only for beginners, but also practice yoga. We attempt to systematize the techniques, styles and schools was undertaken, which are the most popular in our country, as well as to give some practical advice for beginners on choosing the direction of yoga.

As mentioned on our website, in the
Hatha yoga , new methods of teaching and the practice of yoga have been developed, new schools, which were often named for the teacher – founder. However, remember that yoga – one for all, and different schools, methods and practices, which is now popular in Russia, are aimed at achieving the main goal of yoga – samadhi. To date, the yoga centers in Russia following popular methods, styles and schools that have formed on the basis of Hatha Yoga:


In addition to these popular areas of
Kundalini Yoga , which does not relate to the areas of Hatha yoga. However, this style is noteworthy, as it is actively practiced in yoga centers in the Russian Federation.

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