In search of peace from silence. The understanding of consciousness in mindfulness

In search of peace from the silence.  Understanding of consciousness in mindfulness

If you’re on the road in search of peace you dream about, a good exercise I propose is reading this book Osho.


Pursuit of Peace” Osho Editorial Kairos


These are times in which these are constantly playing these drums of war, not only internationally, but also in the microworld of personal relationships.

Excessive strain on the environment should be reduced as soon as possible.

And the need for peace in books like In search of peace showing us from an exquisite simplicity and humility to go that way develop peace in each and every one of the areas in which our lives unfold appear.

The war just disappear when many people become a raft of peace, of silence, of understanding.” They are words of Osho in “Zen path” and that opens this interesting book.

The key to this quest for peace is the transformation of individuals as access to the internationalist sense of peace.

Seeking peace is the axis of the external and internal, individual and collective transformation that can be achieved through meditation.

Reading Seeking peace is a good exercise opening awareness to awakening involving the practice of silence as transformation.


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Osho from the influence of religion without religion is evident in each of the paragraphs of this book.


In such turbulent as we go through and from that background noise is perceived in every pore of our social life, the practice of silence and meditation opens as a path of struggle for peace as time, as Osho points out, “two thousand people meditating together around a thought, focusing on a decision, can make the heart beat of every meditator increase, their determination to strengthen, their conscience also be affected by currents coming from all directions, waves touching him from all points. “

This quest for peace through silence and meditation is at the end of the day , an exercise over what has always sought Osho in each of his lectures and books “raise awareness that is asleep within us.”



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