remedies against anxiety and depression. You can

Remedies for anxiety and depression.  Yes you can

Speaking of remedies for anxiety and depression, we must always be clear that, although it is possible to get out and overcome those moments (I know from experience) work is not overnight and needed a good dose of patience and personal work. I want you to take it with the wisdom of calm and be in the clear awareness that an area of ​​darkness ends up leaving. I offer in this post some guidelines and recommendation of two books that helped me a lot and I still use me to help those seeking help and advice through consulting.


David D. Burns and remedies against anxiety and depression. Mindfulness and cognitive therapy

Suffer depression or anxiety, and say nothing of the two at a time, it is one of the most disabling processes that a person can go through in your life. I speak with personal experience having gone through that process and talk about the experience of having gotten away with that entails learning and satisfaction to provide help to those who cross. I also sought many remedies for anxiety and depression and found those who now want to share congtigo.

From the point of view of the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, speaking of remedies for anxiety is already amply demonstrated, that its practice favors the improvement and exit of the tunnel. Jeffrey Greeson and Jeffrey Brantley explain it very well in his article “Mindfulness and anxiety disorders: developing a wise relationship with the internal experience of fear” and in the case of depression Thorsten Barnhofer and Catherine Crane make it in “based cognitive therapy mindfulness for depression and suicidal tendencies “, items that are of interest if you can find them in the book ” mindfulness Clinical Manual “.

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But this is not a scientific article about remedies for anxiety and depression, but a “reach out” to those who are going through that space and relatives or close people who have family, friends, loved ones that painful trance, of the simplest and most useful way possible.

Therefore, I want to tell you that with the right dedication (always the help of a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a coach or consultant is and must be fundamental) you end up seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

The practice of mindfulness is a very good tool to start the process of working towards total healing. If you have not had any relationship with this powerful personal development tool, let me invite yousubscribe from this link so you can make a small introductory seminar that can open a new window of serenity and hopefree.

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Moreover, I would recommend two books that I used in my fight against anxiety and depression and squeezed the most of which were of great worth. The two are David D. Burns, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine at Stanford University and author of many books among which are those that I recommend and have sold over 4 million copies and continue reprinting in more than 20 countries.

The first and foremost is “Feel good. A new therapy against depression “ in which he makes to begin an excellent statement of intent so you can feel reality is that the method actually works. Burns says:

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1. When you are depressed or anxious, it is an illogical thinking, negative, and inadvertently act in a counterproductive way.

2. With a little effort, you can train yourself to straighten their twisted mindsets.

3. when their most painful symptoms disappear, it will be productive and happy and self-respecting

4. These objects, generally can be achieved in a relatively short time, using simple methods.

And it is at this point where it enters the second manual Burns published and is the perfect complement to “feel good” and “The manual exercises feel good”

I am convinced and so I do know that, as I said, I myself tried, that the connection between the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness and work with these two manuals, can be of great help.

So far, the fight against the anxiety and depression, was based on a radical position against the sufferer about the ailment, but through the practice of mindfulness, and from the fact acceptance of the present moment as is, you can release that battle, just realizing that this state has come for something that is in you saying something and that since the acceptance of what now is, you can go renewing your being and your life,

I once heard someone say that he preferred to cut off a leg to live another depression. I did not understand then and I found an exaggeration; but when I suffered, I realized the reason was that person.

Incidentally, it goes without saying that within the usual types of depressions that exist, there are endogenous and exogenous. The former have a significant biological component and some hereditary components and the latter are motivated by some traumatic experience, disappointments, lifestyles. Either, besides their personal work can be done, you need the right professionals for help, but in the case of endogenous, this is even more appropriate.

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Anyway, I want to express sincerely hope that comes out of a depression. That, as I said earlier, it’s not overnight, but mixing tool that gives you the practice of mindfulness and these two good practical manuals, will make remedies for anxiety and depression are also in your own hands. I hope so.


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