Wellness: The Importance of Knowing what your purpose is

The Silva Method and purpose of your life

You know what your purpose?

All we ever ask ourselves who we are, where we come from, where we go and what we came here to do … But most of the time do not have to answer so many questions.

The truth is we all have a purpose, but many people lose some of their life trying to discover it and ignoring it could do a lot more than they do for themselves and for others.

There is a well – known phrase that says: I always knew that life has a purpose. I just hope to discover before it is over me .

That sums up the feeling of millions of people every day seek to know what the purpose of their lives …

Do you think so? You know what your purpose?

Silva Method since we know that we all have a mission … Do you dare to discover yours?

We all have a purpose, and then there are dreams

Would you like to live in a bigger house in the company of your family? You want to have a job that allows you to keep growing as a person and as a professional? Are You aspire to travel the world and live in peace and harmony?

All these are dreams, goals, challenges remain … But it is not the purpose of your life.

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You see, sometimes we confuse thinking us that the purpose of our life is equivalent to our goals and dreams, but it’s not … They are our aspirations, and we should not confuse them with our mission.

Both are very important for us: we really dreamless would be very difficult to live, but we would feel lost without purpose.

Our dreams bring us to the welfare, happiness, personal satisfaction.

It is therefore very important to them and make every effort to achieve … Those little joys when you see that your dreams are accomplished is what keeps you alive, but your purpose is what gives meaning to your life.

How to find out what your purpose?

Do you feel an uneasiness that does not let you enjoy life fully? If so, you should know that then there is not found out what your purpose is.

There are thousands of people trying to make sense of his life, trying to figure out what the purpose of being born in one place or another, to have certain specific qualities … And actually some life passed with uncertainty while others find their purpose and automatically all doors open for them.

Basically, when you discover your purpose everything becomes easier and dreams seem more attainable.

Silva’s theory is that ” Everyone has the right to have all the success, happiness and comfort with which we can dream “.

We all have a job to do and we have the resources to carry it out … That is so; In fact José Silva and he said many years ago that “we put everyone on Earth to fulfill some greater purpose” .

Do not you know how to discover what your mission? During the Silva Method we help you discover thanks to the techniques and tools used by Jose Silva, so that you can make your life where you always wanted to be.

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You still do not have? Really we know that is the key that opens all doors and there are hundreds of studies to prove it . But if you prefer , you can download our free course ” You borderless ” with a special lesson dedicated to the purpose of your life … Click HERE to receive it immediately, we really know that will change your life!

If you want to know the purpose of your life or you want to see more clearly and find out what your strengths are and dedicate yourself to what you most passionate about not to feel that feeling of being lost, the Silva Method is for you.

Smile every morning

It is true that everyone is different and therefore we all have different priorities, dreams, goals and purposes … But really, we all aspire to the same thing: IT.
You know what I mean? To happiness.

She is related to our purpose but also our dreams and goals.

Some say it is a goal in itself, but it is actually an attitude … a lifestyle.

So today we talked about dreams and purpose of your life wanted to tell you something: If your happiness is always based on achieving a little more than what you have … Then there’s always something that prevents you from being happy!

If you want a better car, a better school, a better house, a better job … That’s all very well, but not tie that to your happiness, because if she depends on you to give those steps, then your happiness will always be hanging by a thread; will be waiting just around the corner, but when you turn find another corner which keep waiting.

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There is no better time than now to be happy. Happiness is present, is what you are and what you have … But do not leave it in the hands of what is to come, because it always believe that your happiness is in the next step, the next level … And there is no better time than now to be happy and that happiness use to achieve your goals and discover your mission.

And back to your purpose, we you like to know at what point you are ????

Did you find and what your purpose in life? You know what your mission or you’re still in the process of finding it? Since Silva Method we encourage you to tell us your experiences, it really is magical read all the reviews and see how people take into account something as important as your own life!

And remember that if you want to find what is the purpose of your life, in our free lessons you will find many more answers.