The magic of Christmas

Silva Method Christmas

Christmas. Few words can convey so many feelings and emotions at once; few celebrations symbolize so much peace and joy; few parties make us so receptive and dreamers. But she, Christmas is different. She makes a magical month December; a month where the problems and old grudges seem willing to be kept in the drawer of oblivion; a month where peace and happiness peek out the window, where unfulfilled goals go out the back door, and where new purposes come down the chimney with the intention of becoming less than a year achieved goals. And we can not miss the chance to savor the magic.

Some say that Christmas is not a date, but a state of mind. No doubt, Christmas is what we make of it all year … But it is also the ideal time to dream, to be happy and to be surrounded by people who are important to us. Christmas is to feel and to live; breathing her Christmas spirit in the air that we all share.

Make it Christmas all year

During these days, in the streets and in homes an atmosphere of peace, love and optimism is installed. Many people forget the problems, laugh out loud without really knowing why, and invaded by the feeling of magic that makes us feel that dreams are there to be fulfilled. But often, for many, the euphoria is going to Christmas, and the rest of the year are limited to return to the old ways. What if we did that whole year was Christmas and the Christmas spirit to follow him instead of leaving in January?

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British artist said Harlan Miller that “hopefully we could get the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar each month of the year.” You’re quite right. Most people live happier Christmas, filled with joy and purpose, draw new goals with enthusiasm, relax and meditate get more effective results, are more pleasing to others, and become more supportive and flexible. But when Christmas is gone, then they return to the old customs, old habits, stress and routine of everyday life, to leave things for later …

Many people live during Christmas and during the rest of the year survive when ideally lengthen the Christmas spirit all year. So we keep that optimism would achieve to be happier every month and to achieve our goals much easier. See the positive side of life makes reaching our goal is easier. So why do I book it just for Christmas?

This is the best advice I once got for this time, and today I’ll convey: make Christmas an attitude and show your cheerful face to the world throughout the year even if you do not feel smile … I appreciate.

Fill your life goals and purposes

And if Christmas is to be happy, then we must attach importance to the purposes. In December we let ourselves be seduced by the atmosphere of peace, so all committed to set ourselves new goals. We look forward to lograrnos, say that of course we will do our best and we are willing to do so. But statistics show that half of December the purposes abandoned in February or, at most, in March. Do not let that happen. We should always have goals to grow personally and professionally, to constantly grow up to be learning every day, so that when we look back in the future we draw a smile. And Christmas is the ideal time to start with it.

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This is the time of the goals, dreams, the “I will do this” and promises to oneself. Christmas is the time where desires are born … And we have a year to pass them to the list of “objectives achieved”. Christmas is to feel; the rest of the year, to act. December is to create dreams; other months, to achieve them. Make next Christmas is full of new goals but that is because these and you turned.

Focus your attention on meditating on the goodness of 2011 and what you want for next year. It is always good to have new challenges. Which ones are yours? What do you want for 2012? It is good that, before starting the new year, know where you want to go so that make it easier to find your way. We’d love to hear what you want in 2012 and, above all, let him get it!

Happy Holidays from the entire team Silva!