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Mental Control - The Silva Training 3

Written by Martin Laplace Writers Program Member Silva Method Life

mind control how to avoid anxiety

As we said earlier, our mind works best with alpha aware waves, but these alpha waves, are always in our life, as the law of attraction, are universal laws and our brain is a superBiocomputadora, our mind is the programmer our life and our emotions are the manifestadoras of all we have in life, good or bad, because imagination creates reality in which we live, but an uncontrolled imagination leads to chaos, why is that the Mental Control SilvaWith its courses mental training, it gives us specific tools to visualize, with a good positive thinking, life of our dreams and / or our mission or life purpose allowing us to be holistically harmonious in body, mind and spirit (emotions) .

Mind Control: The Silva Method training

All Silva training takes place in mental techniques formulas, based on controlled physical and mental relaxation techniques ranging from control to falling asleep without drugs or wake up naturally acquire energy reserves naturally keeping us awake when we need it, control dreams, technology exclusive to resolve any problem, project or dilemma one night, with the technique of glass of water, set any target we want using techniques of projective visualization, study skills, memorization, and learning much faster than any other system control harmful habits, and many more tools to explore a whole new and thus find our place on earth, develop our creativity and potential to become the best version of ourselves world.

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Jose Silva told us that the intelligence of the human being is measured in its ability to solve problems, then a suitable mental control, enables us to properly direct our imagination, through the effective projection sensorial our future self , allowing, first know to ourselves, and then project ourselves, “as” by design everyday of our lives, planning our day when we wake up, carrying or diary of our successes and successes, even guys who are, thus, strengthening our system belief, managing to be increasingly successful day, and every happiest day, enjoying the little things in life, and appreciating everything that comes in addition, Facundo Cabral said: “we are born naked, the same clothes you’re wearing it and gain “.

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