Relaxation techniques: how to relax [New Video]

Laura Silva

How many times have you said ” I need a break” even 5 minutes?

Relaxation is the key so you always feel energetic, well-being and motivation, so that you achieve the life you want and you have the quality of life you deserve.

But it is also the key to ward off stress, the enemy that we are all exposed and is responsible for about 80% of diseases (and most could be avoided if we learned to relax).

And so we have prepared this video that we show more than 20 different ways to enjoy your day, relax and take a breath of fresh air to your physical and mental health.

Take two minutes to see and feel how you start to feel better.

Which of all these “little moments” that appear in the video you stay? What do you do to relax?

Leave us a comment with the little things that make you happy.

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