Mind Control: Teach your child how to Become a conscious creator … while playing!

Meditation and Children

Children Mind Control

My father taught us development techniques and mind control since my brothers and I were young.

Every day the conversation went, practice and perfect our technique.

Now that decades have passed and we have created our own families, what I can say is that it certainly worked!

Both my brothers as we have become conscious creators thanks to the techniques and tools of mind control that showed my father, Jose Silva, creator of the Silva Method .

And I want to show you how to achieve the same effect with the smallest .

No matter if it ‘s your son, nephew, grandchild, brother … What I will teach you certainly will help to become conscious creators of their own reality , and help them take the right to appeal the life they want way.

Specifically, with 3 games prepared especially for you from small to develop the power of the mind to become conscious creators.

Mind Control: 3 games to teach children to create their reality

Children love to play, so … What better to teach them how to get what they want while they play?

Then I’ll share 3 games; the idea is to put these into practice, do and be taken seriously in the process!

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They will have fun, and while you’re doing them much good

Result: the two will end up enjoying … and learning!


1) The game of “I Spy …”

Often our desires have emotional burdens or limiting beliefs that are attached to them.

So to help your child see quick success to achieve what they want, it helps to start with something neutral.

The idea is to teach you to set intentions with this very easy game.

In the morning both decide something they want to see that day.

Think of something and ask your child to choose one thing well. For example, see a girl with pigtails and a yellow car.

Then it sets the intention that they will see during the day.

At dinnertime, share what they have seen … Often you will see the options for each ????

2) The game of thanks

Gratitude is one of the higher vibrations in which we live.

It is shown that people who appreciate live 25% happier than the rest, but also feelings of gratitude attract our lives more than those things we hold dear (You can read more about gratitude in this article).

Remind your child the importance of practicing gratitude with this simple game:

Collect all the coins and give enough to fill your pocket (no matter the value).

Tell him whenever you hear the sound or the movement of currencies, it is a signal to think of a thing that you should thank.

Teach them that as expressing gratitude more things will appear in your life so be grateful.

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3) The game viewing

Visualization is key to helping your child (and you) to live in tune with what you want.

So they create a vision board family.

It could contain details of who wish to travel together, or things they want as a family (can also make one each).

Then I put it in a place where everyone can see; and speaks frequently about how fun it’s going to be seeing every day and spend a few minutes to imagine having all those things or experiences.

Also ask about your wishes and encourage him to create his own vision board.

This teaches children that as they focus on what they want, that is what will manifest in their lives.

In addition, it also helps them believe they are valid and can attract people what they want in their lives.

When older and children realize they have an innate power to attract amazing things happen … and now will be able to check it out! ????

What did you think these 3 tips? Do you use any other technique or exercise to help those who are younger to believe in them and in their innate power of mind control?

We look forward to your comments!

Many people do not know where to start, but fortunately there are many tools that help unleash the power and be able to accomplish all that one wants.

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