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What is the use of Superbrain Yoga?

What is the use of Superbrain Yoga? 5

Super Brain Yoga: How To Do And What Are Its Benefits?

Every day a new type of yoga seems to emerge. Today is one of those days. Say hello to Super Brain Yoga: yoga for brain health.

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What is the use of Superbrain Yoga? 6


As the name implies, Super Brain Yoga keeps your mind active and clear, helping you to make the most of it. If that is the case, you can solve most of life’s problems, is not it?

Quickly discover how it works. Keep reading.

Before that, let’s understand what Super Brain Yoga is all about.

What is the Super Brain Yoga?

Super Brain Yoga is a simple squat exercise. It does not involve any twisting and turning of the body. It is an easy process that improves your mental health and keeps it constant.

Dr. Joie P. Jones of the University of California researched to prove the authenticity of Super Brain Yoga. His research showed that the practice effectively activated acupuncture points in his ears that stimulate his mind.

The brain is a crucial part of the human body. It forms four weeks after an embryo is conceived and produces half a million neurons per minute. Awesome, right?

In addition, in fully developed humans, 300 million neurons connect the right side of the brain with the left side. Your brain is really a wonder, and you should take care of it by practicing Super Brain Yoga.

Super Brain Yoga keeps your brain efficient and improves its functioning.

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It can make you smarter and more psychologically balanced. It works well for hyperactive children, adolescents, the elderly, autistic and people with ADD / ADHD.

What is the use of Superbrain Yoga? 7

As you exercise and nourish the muscles of your body, you must do the same with your brain. It is perfect for adults who work for the well-being of the brain. It can also cure other developmental challenges and cognitive delays.

If you practice Super Brain Yoga well, it helps the energy trapped in the lower parts of your body reach the brain, improving your intelligence and creativity.

It sounds like a hellish method, right? Will we have to learn the process then?

How to do Super Brain Yoga

Super Brain Yoga can be simple, but you must practice it in the right way and take the necessary precautions to make the process smooth and efficient.

Before starting

The best time to practice Super Brain Yoga is in the morning. Get up early and cool off. Wear comfortable clothes and remove jewelry from the body.


Make sure you are standing and facing the sun.


Once you are in the correct posture and direction, place the tongue on top of the mouth, just behind the teeth.

Lift the left arm and touch it through the upper part of the body to reach the right earlobe and hold it with the thumb and forefinger of the left hand. The thumb should be in front.

Do the same with your right hand and make sure the thumb is facing forward. Now, lightly press both ears with your fingers. Also, your left arm should be closer to the heart and tucked inside your right arm.

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Once your position and posture stabilize, take a deep breath and squat. Do not release your breath while doing it. Hold it until it rises from the squat position. Then, exhale deeply.

Repeat the procedure 15-20 times. During the whole process, do not let go of the tongue in the mouth and hold the lobes of the ears.


The whole process may seem too simple to believe that something could change within you, but I tell you to continue and you will notice a significant difference in concentration levels within a few weeks.

You will begin to notice significant changes within the first three months of your practice, and in seven months, you will see that your cognitive abilities have improved. In the case of children, you will notice a 20-35% cognitive improvement.

Let’s learn about the benefits of Super Brain Yoga in detail now.

Benefits of Super Brain Yoga

  • Super Brain Yoga synchronizes alpha brain waves and, in the process, activates and activates your brain.
  • Reduce stress and improve your psychological health.
  • The method opens your brain and makes you more receptive, thus increasing your clarity and creativity.
  • Super Brain Yoga allows your brain to work well.
  • It improves the conditions of people suffering from ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety, depression, mental confusion and dementia.
  • The method works wonders for the elderly and drastically improves their memory for everyday activities, such as finding the keys.
  • Super Brain Yoga promotes mental clarity and increases calmness and inner peace. It also helps control your appetite and maintain good health.


Make sure you practice Super Brain Yoga every day. If you want your children to do it, make it a fun and enjoyable experience.

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If there are teenagers, you should practice with them for at least a month to get used to them.

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