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What is root chakra meditation?

What is root chakra meditation? 3

Meditation On The Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Muladhara pumps and develops energy flows associated with patience, structuring, stability, a sense of security, the ability to manifest and understand their dreams.

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What is root chakra meditation? 4


Such difficulties and traits of character as the ability to appreciate what you already have, to find the strength to believe instead of despair, to be able to achieve something and persist in your endeavors, draw on the beginning in this chakra.

muladhara chakra

If the muladhara is more pumped, then the corresponding energy flows go more smoothly and bear fruit. Physically, the energy of the muladhara manifests itself in such activities as yoga, any foot movements, Pilates, in any activity that involves grounding, it requires concentration of full presence, concentration. On the spiritual level, this energy manifests itself in the ability of a person to appreciate, pay attention to the beauty and harmony of nature.

Meditation on muladhara is quite easy. And yet, to enhance the effect, you can use a variety of “muladhara-doping.” For example, the aromatic oils of this chakra are cinnamon, sage or sandalwood. They can be used either as oils proper, or buy aromatic sticks with this odor. The music that is most effective when meditating on muladhara will be where there are a lot of ethnic drums. If you like to use stones during meditation, then a ruby, a bloodstone or hematite is suitable for muladhara.

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And now, actually, meditation.

1) After you have prepared a place for meditation, take a comfortable position for you, close your eyes and take a few minutes to remember your childhood. What qualities did you have then, how do they relate to you-adults? Try to see the logical connection in how you have changed, and in what qualities are left with you. Immerse yourself in this body of the “child”. If you were your own parent, what advice would you give yourself? Try to remember this advice, and then write down in your diary a practitioner. Imagine that you are a child, moves into the depths of your heart today, feel what it is, how it feels warm and good. Bless this child and thank him for instinctively knowing how to act to become what you are now.

2) Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Imagine how your breath, so deep, comes in the form of energy to the tailbone. Every time you breathe in, imagine and feel that the air becomes golden, and cleans everything in its path, and when it reaches the muladhara, it lights it reddish with a golden color. When this image becomes stable, visualize a large red cube in the muladhara. Feel how heavy it is. Increase its severity, make the color more intense. Feel, as in proportion to how you do it, patience, tolerance, security, confidence grow in you.

3) Feel that you have everything you need to become your own dream. Is there any physical dream that you would like to put into practice? Imagine that it has already come true. As you do this, increase the heaviness of the cube and the intensity of its color. Let your dreams come into your reality. Feel how the energy of the cube is connected to the earth and its core. Thank the earth for giving you support and strength to move on.

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4) Now feel that having reached the maximum intensity, the cube of the chakra turns into a cruciform shape. The light from the cross covers your entire body and expands beyond it. Embrace this room, apartment, house with this light. Continue to embrace with this light your neighborhood where you live.

5) Gradually return to the physical body. Concentrate your light on the house, then on the apartment, then on yourself. Now you know that you are part of something much greater and you are always safe.

Meditation, albeit simple, gives an amazing effect of security, confidence, tune in a positive way. By the way, positive thinking is also very closely connected with muladhara, but about it some other time …

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