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Do all types of meditation techniques help in opening chakras?

Do all types of meditation techniques help in opening chakras? 7


The chakras are the energy centers that are found in our body. They are spread throughout the body and govern different aspects of people’s lives. The chakras are in charge of our body having a balance . A balance between what is our mind, soul and body , therefore, the proper functioning of the chakras is so important. In this sense, the debate is opened to know if  the chakras can be opened  or not.
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Do all types of meditation techniques help in opening chakras? 8
There are several circumstances that can cause the chakras to become blocked . When this happens, the energy does not flow properly and this can affect the area of ​​the chakra in question that is closed. The consequences are harmful, both physically and emotionally, that is why it is very important that the chakrasflow correctly. And, for this, it is important to know  how the chakras should be opened  and how they should be activated correctly.
Do all types of meditation techniques help in opening chakras? 9
Some disciplines such as yoga, meditation , reiki or acupuncture are based on the chakras. There are different ways to block, things that happen to us or what we do in life. According to Eastern philosophy, we can not find balance in our life if there is no balance in our chakras.

Discover how you should open your chakras to activate them

When a chakra is closed, the loss of this energy is compensated by the functioning of another, which opens more . This situation produces an imbalance, at the level of emotions or at the level of the functioning of feelings . This is because the chakras become hyperactive. Therefore, the first thing we should know is that, if we open our chakras , we will be closing a little bit the activity of the rest. Next we are going to discover  how the spiritual chakras should be opened step by step . Take note!

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1. Know what the chakras are

In total there are 7 chakras, and each of them is divided into 7 parts, and these are in 7 different parts , and so on indefinitely. Each chakra is located in a part of the body and governs an area of ​​our life . If we want to open the chakras , the first thing we must do is to know what they are and what effects they have.

Do all types of meditation techniques help in opening chakras? 10

They are located from the highest part of the head to the lower parts of the body. It is important that you have a very explicit knowledge of what these 7 channels are, where they are located and also what they affect. The chakra that affects emotions will not be the same as the one that governs the initiative . Therefore, opening the chakras is a task that requires a deep knowledge  so that everything goes well.

2. Discover what chakra you want to open

The chakras, are a key aspect in what is Buddhist meditation , so the knowledge of the chakras is essential and if something goes wrong you must first identify where you have the blockade. When you know the chakra you want to open, you will have to also define for what purpose you want to open it , so that you can improve the energy that flows in your body.

3. Activate the energy in the chakra

So, to activate the energy you will have to use the mudras , which are positions of the hand that are used to open these energy channels. On the other hand, you will also have to help you from certain songs, which are based on sounds in Sanskrit letters. Through the mudras we can activate the energy in the body . Its meaning is producers of joy and work, since in the fingers are certain nerve terminals and by joining the fingers, we create energy centers in our body.

4. Practice meditation

meditation will help you open the chakras . To do so, look for a comfortable place, a place where you do not have distractions. Then, look for a comfortable posture and perform a meditation that can last between 7 and 10 breaths.

It is important that you do not feel nervous or stressed when you go to open the chakras . In doing so, it is essential that you have performed a meditation and find yourself in a state of peace. If you try to open the chakras when you feel great discomfort or with selfish feelings, you will not get anything. Practices such as reiki or yoga can help you open the chakras.

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