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Can hairfall be controlled by yoga?

Can hairfall be controlled by yoga? 3

5 Best Yoga Poses for Hair Growth

Although yoga is good for overall health, it also provides you with a beautiful appearance. You will be surprised to know that the practice gives hair and skin healthy as well as attractive. No wonder why he is so famous among celebrities. There are certain yoga poses that are specially designed to benefit skin and hair.

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Can hairfall be controlled by yoga? 4


However, here we will focus on yoga poses that benefits hair growth. So, if you have given up hope of restoring your beautiful mane after trying all the treatments and remedies. Yoga can bring a ray of hope for you. Learn the following poses under the guidance of a yoga teacher and practice them religiously to assist lustrous hair like never before.

5 Yoga Poses for Hair Growth

Hair growth


Uttanasana is also known as standing lean forward pose. This pose ensures blood circulation of abundance in the scalp that contributes to hair growth. It further de-stress you and release the tension and anxiety of the mind that is the main reason behind hair loss. Practice the pose as follows.


Stand with your feet closed to each other. Inhale deeply and while exhaling lift your hands and lean forward to touch the ground or your heels. Stay in this position for a few breaths. Release the pose by inhalation and stand straight.


Commonly known as rabbit poses, this pose also improves blood circulation to the scalp and helps promote hair growth. Begin laying by siting on your lap and place the hips on your heels.

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Then extend your hands to the back and try to touch your heels while bending your head on the floor. Inhale and lift your hips. Stay at this position until five breaths. Exhale and release the pose the passage to the child poses.


Ustrasana or camel present too much concentrate to direct blood flow to the scalp. This pose is also good for the thyroid gland, abnormalities on the thyroid gland also causes hair loss. To practice this pose, sit on your lap. Move your upper body back, much like a half-moon pose.


Then place your hands on your waist with your thumb and fingers facing back forward. While leaning back, try to reach the heels with your hands. At this position, your face must look at the ceiling. Stay on this pose for a few seconds while breathing normally. Exhale and release the pose. So sit on balasana and relax.


Vajrasana is also popularly known as diamond poses. This pose helps to optimize your digestive system which in turn contributes to hair growth. Practice this pose by implanting on your upright spine. Keep your arms on the bent knees facing the fingers down. Relax in this position for a few seconds and breathe normally. Then return to normal sitting posing with stretch legs.




Also called raised feet pose, uttanpadasana helps to improve blood circulation in the pelvic area that helps the proper functioning of the reproductive organs that indirectly affects hair growth.


It’s simple to do, lie on your back with your arms on the side facing the floor. Stretch the legs and lift them to 45-60 degree angle of the floor. Hold this position for a minute or more depending on your strength.

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