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What is the difference between Ashtanga and Kriya yoga specifically?

What is the difference between Ashtanga and Kriya yoga specifically? 3

Which yoga class is right for me?

In full yogamania, the list of courses offered by the studios becomes as difficult to understand as a restaurant menu abroad. The Express Styles decrypts the main disciplines on the menu.

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What is the difference between Ashtanga and Kriya yoga specifically? 4


The most spiritual: kundalini yoga

What is it? A discussion with oneself to access a letting go and open one’s heart. “Kundalini means the awakening of consciousness,” explains Caroline Benezet.

To know: If the discipline can seem contemplative, one works, physically and mentally. No sequence of postures but mostly breathing exercises and some recitations of mantras – positive affirmations – in the form of collective songs. A galvanizing experience.

Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga ... everyone has their yoga class!

For who? Those who want to reconnect with their emotions, their inner self and consider life in a more peaceful way.

The most classic: Hatha yoga

What is it? A rather gentle and rather static practice. Perfect for assimilating postures and learning to stall breathing on the movement, the basics of yoga .

Namely: In reality, it is a generic name that includes all physical yogas, the most common form in the West. A bit like the name martial arts, which means both tai chi, judo, karate and so on.

For who? Those who wish to assimilate the principles of yoga, improve their flexibility and eliminate stress and fatigue.

The most accurate: Iyengar yoga

What is it? A yoga that places particular importance on the placement and alignment of the body. “The movements are slow and subtle, the poses maintained for a while,” says Sophie Boller, professor and owner of the studio Iyengar in Montmartre.

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To know: It is accessible to all -whether you are injured or pregnant 7 months- since the postures can be adjusted using bricks, bolsters (kind of bolsters), chairs … Americans call him besides the furniture yoga .

For who? For perfectionists and those who have no problem with a little rigor and discipline.

The most physical: Ashtanga yoga

What is it? A traditional yoga, intense and physical, composed of six series whose difficulty is increasing. “In a beginner course, we approach a little primary series, through the standing sequence and greetings to the sun,” says Gerald Disse of the famous studio Ashtanga Yoga Paris.

To know: The sequences are fixed and never change. Vigorous and invigorating, the practice focuses on a particular breathing technique.

For who? Those who are looking for an athletic yoga and who wish to develop their strength and endurance.

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