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How effective is yoga for osteoarthritis knee treatment?

How effective is yoga for osteoarthritis knee treatment? 3

Yoga with arthrosis of the knee joint

For a man with arthrosis knee joints, yoga can be a real salvation. Its effectiveness is recognized by several scientific works, and the first signs of the disappearance of the disease are noticeable after a few sessions. Among its main merits, it can be noted that yoga has no age restrictions, it can deal with both children and the elderly.

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How effective is yoga for osteoarthritis knee treatment? 4


It is also suitable as a preventive measure of joint diseases and ligament rupture, as it allows to increase the elasticity and at the same time the strength of the latter. That is why yoga is recommended by many doctors as restorative and preventive procedures for arthritis of the knee joint.

What does this represent a disease?

Before talking about how yoga helps with arthrosis of the knee, you need to deal with the disease itself, its diagnosis, the causes and consequences. This disease manifests itself mainly in old age, so most patients are over 40 years old. Our knee joints constantly withstand colossal loads of the entire body weight, but with arthritis they do it all harder, so there are pains in the knees with prolonged walking, and gradually it becomes difficult for a person to even get up and sit down. With any movements, a characteristic crunch appears.

The structure of the knee joint

The reason for this is salt, which throughout our life is deposited in the joints and knees, and sometimes a lack of fluid, which leads to the impaired functionality of the knee joint. According to statistics, 7 to 20 percent of the entire population of the earth is sick with gonarthrosis, and it is difficult to cure it. Therefore, it is important to determine it in the early stages, when it is still possible to do something, otherwise the consequences can be quite deplorable. If you notice the crunch in your knees when squatting, especially when you exercise, and you become concerned about severe pain in the area, you should consult your doctor.

What does complex treatment look like?

Even considering that yoga with arthritis can be quite useful, one should adhere to the complex treatment prescribed by the doctor and often is a physiotherapy. In this case, patients are asked not only to take certain medications, but also to perform prescribed by the doctor exercises. In addition to yoga, in the healing of the joints of the legs can help and swimming and other weak loads. The main rule here is not to overload your knees, because with arthrosis it carries a serious danger to your health. Also included in this list are bike rides that load the CCC well, but do not give such a heavy load to your knees as a jog.

It can also be helped by light gymnastics, because most of the exercises can be performed there from the sitting position, which is important for such diseases in order to avoid unnecessary workload. Like yoga, it must be given every day for at least 20 minutes, and after a hitch or massage of the problem area, to increase the flow of blood to it and reduce the secretion of lactic acid in the muscles. It will be very good to use in such massages warming ointments and massage creams, including creams prescribed by the attending physician. How to properly do a warming massage you can look at the video on the Internet.

Yoga with arthrosis

But of course, the most useful in this diagnosis will be yoga exercises, which are precisely aimed at the development of joint mobility. Most asanas use light and smooth movements, which is very important for the knee joints. This therapeutic gymnastics is suitable for everyone, regardless of your age or sex, because with gonarthrosis, it will become a universal therapy for most patients. Yoga for beginners is best, there are a lot of different asanas in it, and it does not require any excessive load and flexibility about a person.

But even so, all the exercises described below must be carried out very carefully, otherwise there is a risk of even worse damage to the knee. The practice of yoga therapy is quite widespread abroad, but it has only recently become popular, therefore, there are still few specialists in this field, and we have to learn everything ourselves. Do not treat it as something unusual, it certainly carries a certain philosophy, but if it does not suit you, no one forbids treating it as an offshoot of light gymnastics that will help heal joint diseases.
So, from joint diseases you will be cured by the following exercises:

  • It is necessary to take a standing position by placing your feet across the width of your shoulders, while your hands should be relaxed. You need to get your fingertips to your toes, but do not follow this asana, you can even put on knee pads to reduce the load. It is important to monitor breathing, it should be calm and measured, proper breathing will allow you to saturate all your blood with oxygen and spread energy throughout the body. If you can not reach the socks at all, then grasp the legs from behind pressing to them and dropping down to the appearance of the first painful sensations. Keep this position for a minute.
  • If it is hard for you to perform asanas standing, then you should move to a sedentary posture. They involve no less than the limbs, because the same legs are also actively used, but the load on the knees is reduced at times. To begin with, it is enough to sit down and straighten your legs, while keeping an even posture. Then, like the first option, try to reach the fingertips, until the first pain, and stay in this position for a few minutes. After that, after returning to the original position, repeat 2 times. Important! The foot does not bend in a right angle, it should stretch its toes forward.
  • Then you need to move to the position of lying down half, for this it is enough from the starting position of the previous asana to fall on the elbows and forearms. Next, you need to raise your legs about 45-60 degrees to the floor. This position refers to the dynamics, so the legs need to be bent and unbent, albeit slowly enough so that breathing does not take off, for up to 4 minutes. This will stretch the knee joint and slightly warm up other muscle groups, also works well as a hitch after training.
  • And finally, you have to lie on the floor with your back to the top, after which you will need to lift the legs several times in the joints. Unlike the previous dynamics, it is based on the number of repetitions, not on time. The last should be at least 50 per foot, after which you can take rest up to 2 minutes and repeat the asana again. This time it will help to stretch all the ligaments and develop sufficient flexibility of the joints.

In order to get the effect of these exercises, you need to repeat them several times a day, daily for at least a month of therapy. This will help not only in getting rid of arthrosis, but also in overall improvement of well-being and mood, thanks to the dopamine, which is excreted in any physical exercise. And most importantly, without performing any movements that can lead to complications, the joints will receive all the necessary load, along with the leg muscles, which will allow you to forget about arthrosis of the knee joints gradually and completely.


Osteoarthritis in the knee joint is a serious enough diagnosis that can change your whole life, however it is not incurable. When using exercises from hatha yoga and listening to the advice of doctors, patients can go on an amendment, and even completely get rid of such an unpleasant “surprise” of the body. But if you are already cured, this is not a reason to quit yoga, because with its help you can continue to improve your quality of life and health, and most importantly, to develop spiritually.

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