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Which Pranayam is best for arthritis, joint and knee pain?

Which Pranayam is best for arthritis, joint and knee pain? 3

Exercises for osteoarthritis of the knee

The therapeutic exercise performed periodically strengthens the musculature and mobility of the joints.

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Which Pranayam is best for arthritis, joint and knee pain? 4


Here we propose 5 exercises that you can perform twice a day , repeating them in series of ten for each leg, always under the supervision of a doctor who can advise us if it adapts to our degree of osteoarthritis.

Lift the leg in extension (isometric quadriceps)

Lying on the ground, we bend one knee keeping the foot on the ground, while we stretch the other leg, with the toes pointed towards the ceiling. We gently raise the leg as far as we can, trying to keep it in the air by squeezing the muscles of the thigh, for 5 seconds. We lower the leg and repeat the movement again.


Sit, bend knee and hip

Sitting straight in a chair, we will raise the tip of the foot upwards keeping the knee bent. Afterwards, we will raise the knee and keep it in the air for 5 seconds before slowly lowering it again.


Stretching the back of the leg:

We can use a chair to maintain balance. Flexing one leg, without letting the knee go forward more than the foot, we will throw the other one backwards stretching it and keeping the heel resting on the ground. We will hold this position for 20 seconds noticing how the calf is stretched and then we will change legs.

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Also for this exercise we can use the backrest of the chair as a point of support. With the body straight, we will stand on tiptoe and keep this position for 5 seconds.


Balance and support on one foot

The goal of this exercise is to do it without support, but you can also use the backrest of the chair to make it easier. It is about putting all the weight on one straight leg while lifting the other slowly back, flexing from the knee.

These exercises have been extracted from the section dedicated to patients of the Chondroprotection . You can visit it to find general information about osteoarthritis and more exercises like these.

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