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Does yoga work well to remove stress?

Does yoga work well to remove stress? 3

How does yoga help to reduce (work) stress?

Stress is currently the number one disease.

Among adults, most (39%) have to do with work and the family is more than 30% out of two. Does yoga help against stress? Hell yes! Yoga is a great (proven!) Way to deal with this stress better. Read here how yoga can also help you to reduce your (work) stress. It works for women but also for yoga for men !

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Does yoga work well to remove stress? 4


What is (work) stress?

Stress is a form of tension that we need to perform optimally. The tension part of our autonomic nervous system then appears: say the accelerator of our body. Healthy stress (with accompanying adrenaline) you have for a presentation, job interview or your first date.

reduce work stress with yoga nervous system

If stress persists for too long and even becomes structural, it is no longer healthy and it becomes the wrong stress. This releases the hormone cortisol and too much cortisol has a negative effect on your entire nervous system. This creates all sorts of physical and psychological complaints and you can even become ill.

Reducing (work) stress with the Here and Now

You’ve probably heard something about it: being in the ‘here and now’. It may sound a bit vague, but it is nothing more and nothing less than that with your attention you are fully present at what you are doing at that moment. So do not check your mail while talking to a colleague or watching TV and sitting on your laptop at the same time.

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Just a thought-through: contrary to your attention, your body is always in the now . Huh? Just go after: have you ever experienced your body in the past?

In stress or anxiety you are usually not with your attention in the here and now. While your body is just in the car, your head is regularly in the past or the future. What if:

  • my presentation is not going well
  • I am not accepted
  • this guy really does not like me?

This costs you unnecessary negative energy because you can not influence the future.

Decrease work stress with yoga attention body here now

How does yoga help to reduce (work) stress?

Yoga “forces” you to be in the now. But how? Yoga teaches you, using your breathing, to:

  • keep your attention with your body while doing all kinds of physical yoga postures
  • literally feel where the stress is in your body
  • recognize and respect these boundaries
  • then relax your body

Your body is actually a kind of ‘now-anchor’! And because through yoga you keep your attention with your body and thus more and more in the present, you will experience less stress.

Are you unsure because you have a buddy or have never done yoga? Do not worry and think about big yoga or check our tips for yoga for beginners .

reduce work stress yoga science brain

The science: yoga really helps!

Meanwhile, more and more scientifically demonstrated that yoga, meditation and mindfulness help against stress. Every year many studies are conducted by renowned universities at home and abroad such as Harvard, Stanford and Radboud University in the Netherlands.

And it has turned out that regular practice of these 3 relaxation forms actually has an influence on the size, shape and functioning of your brain! Nothing like that!

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Starting with yoga against (work) stress?

Are you convinced and do you want to start with yoga? See which yoga form suits you best , read how to choose the best yoga mat and go to work with your colleagues on yoga at work .

Or find a yoga location in your neighborhood in the Yoga Finder ™, our handy overview of yoga studios .

Are you going to have a birthday, do your exam or is it almost Christmas again? Then put the yoga gift voucher on your wish list. With this you can discover in a fun and easy way that yoga absolutely helps to reduce your (work) stress.

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