Improve your Self-Esteem without Approval of Others |

Improve your Self-esteem without Approval of Others | 3At any stage of life we ​​can give us realize that we can find ourselves. Whether in childhood, adulthood or old age, there is a need in all of us that others give us their seal of approval and, in doing so, we think that will help us build our self-esteem.

It is a form of self-acceptance within ourselves that what we are doing is being recognized by others and that alone is enough to build us a good self-esteem within us and take us to be a more complete and confident person.

On the other hand, not be recognized for our achievements that we can achieve and not be appreciated as one of true value can have a lasting harmful and detrimental effect leading to a lack of self-esteem.

This can be caused by a single comment that can damage a person’s self-confidence and lead to a lack of it. As I said before, this can affect anyone of any age who need approval of others in order to build their self-esteem.

So it will not improve your self-esteem, take a look in the mirror and see that you are no different than a person who reflects self-confidence. The only difference is that it is not influenced by a single disparaging remark that may or may not be true. It is influenced by what others think only lead to a life of mediocrity and ultimately failure.

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Sometimes you just need a subtle change that back to your ideas and build from there good self – esteem within you without the need for anyone you approve. To improve your self – esteem look what you got in the past, that things do better than anyone, how perfect you are because there is someone like you. These are good starting points for focus and concentrate. Try to find a purpose you can be proud of. We all need help and encouragement at times, but no approval of others because we do not need to maintain a healthy and autoetima.


A hug,

Elias Berntsson


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