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as increasing self-esteemSerotonin and endorphins are hormones secreted by the body. They are responsible for regulating various aspects of our lives. The serotonin is responsible for our moods, sleep and appetite among others.

The endorphins are responsible for our levels of happiness, joy and are responsible for maintaining a strong immune system. A greater happiness a stronger body.

You can raise your serotonin levels and Endorphins with these simple tips:

Exercise: It is the best ally to have a strong health not only physically but mentally. When the body strives to improve the circulation of oxygen in the blood. You increase lung capacity, toning your muscles, burn the calories in excess, improves speed in your answers to surprising events. To feel better, change the perception of yourself.

A slow breathing leads to body and mind into a state of peace and optimism. When we let go out slowly and slowly, help muscles relax, your heart reduces stress and pulses generated by the brain receives more oxygen, improve your concentration and digestive systems as they work best as our appetite is regulated.

Foods such as chocolate, carbohydrates and some poultry such as chicken, omega 3 fish, help the body naturally raise serotonin. Also, if you combine it with a good company will maintain adequate levels of serotonin.

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And laugh a lot: When a person smiles the body automatically begins to secrete the hormone of happiness.  Guffaws even once a day . Your endorphin levels will rise.

Able to increase your self-esteem will be easier if you follow these tips consistently and not only that, you’ll have a better physical health.

A big hug!

Elias Berntsson and Lucia Beltran (partner)

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