7 Habits That Happy People Have

7 Habits that people Happy

While Shannon sailed the Wailua River in Hawaii, he asked his kayak guide what was best to live in the region of Kauai.

The guide smiled more and more and said, “I am rich here, I mean, I do not have much money, but the quality of life that I have is abundant. I do what I love to do every day, and that makes me a rich person “

Live a life you love is possible for everyone. Shannon’s conversation with kayak guide so happy, made him think of happy people and as they do to practice happiness. People who have made a habit of happiness that comes out through the pores. And finally, happiness is a choice and we can start growing.

But the happiest people in the world have some habits which they never speak. When you live and breathe happiness, you feel more connected to life, with his feet on the ground and a sense of purpose. Therefore they gathered here are 7 habits that happy people have and never speak:

1. put first.

They know that self-love is not selfish. Happy people put their needs first because they see the power of display “full of energy” to others. When you take care of yourself, aid and all around you. But if you sacrifice your needs in order to help others, just you are giving half your potential to help.

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2. They like what is temporary. 

People who feel at peace with life, recognize that everything has its time and place. Relationships, work and experiences are part of a larger plan. Happy people recognize that life is a balancing act between holding on and letting go. And feel comfortable releasing things that no longer serve them is critical.

3. Do not apologize for your wishes. 

Some may call them selfish, crazy, ridiculous even, but happy people makes their dreams come true and focus on your goals hard and without fear. Often quickly they express what they want because they believe in their dreams. They live life to the beat of his own drum and follow your heart with courage and energy. You can not stop a person who is happy to achieve their goals. They know that life is short and would not go forward as an untimely death.

4. Do not worry about money. 

Happy people are very generous. They know that the more you give the more you get in return. What happens is that they do not give expecting something in return, this mentality creates an abundant energy that gives them more wealth.

Happy people relate healthily with money and have learned that this is connected to self – esteem. The more they value themselves, they attract more money. Instead of worrying about money, they take steps to make more money and create the flow. This happens because they do what they love every day, which makes a rich and deep connection with your own life is created. They also realize they do not need much money to be happy, are undoubtedly experience what makes life worthwhile. 

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5. No need to please others.

In the happiest people you will ever meet do not care what others say or think of them. All that matters is that they like each other. This self-assurance and energy often attracts many people. Happy people tend to have good friends, but do not depend on them or their tastes.

6. know that rejection is protection. 

Happy people the rejection personally are not taken. They know that the great scheme of things, life will give them what they really need. So the man did not call back, the job that failed, or a letter from a bank loan rejected, are universal signs that this was not for them. They hope that something better is on its way.

7. Come all as equal. 

The happiest people see no difference between anyone and any situation. Do not judge, condemn or point out flaws in others. Not try to prove you wrong, they embrace the diversity that life presents to them and cheer them contrasts.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

(Source: Shannon Kaiser – www.mindbodygreen.com)

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