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What are three easiest yoga pose for beginners?

What are three easiest yoga pose for beginners? 1

Yoga for beginners

These are the first steps you will take on your journey of discovery in the world of Yoga. A long, fun and inspiring journey that you will probably spend your entire life on. However, if you want to start with Yoga, there may be some obstacles that can cause you to postpone it for a while or you may want to stop after a few lessons.

Or maybe you have convinced yourself that Yoga is not your thing for various reasons! Do not get me wrong, I certainly do not want to convince you that starting with Yoga for everyone is the best decision in his or her life, because you will have to be open to it yourself. An ‘open mind’ that is willing to learn and to take a step outside of its comfort zone from time to time, is something you definitely need.

You do things that often have never done before, and that can be strange at times. But, how nice would the world be if everyone always stayed safe and quiet in their own corner ?! Nevertheless, various external influences can ensure that you are prevented from starting with Yoga. Perfect Yoga pictures, of people in the most impossible poses and with a perfect body, dizziness, no time.


Sure! Because with this image about Yoga you totally miss the board! But very logical, if you simply do not know what to expect and you can only find this information.

Forward bend

Forward bending (Paschimotanasana)


This yoga posture stretches the entire back of the body, increases the flexibility of the spine and improves the overall body posture. The posture gives a massage to the abdominal organs and is effective against complaints such as constipation. Relaxation

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Triangle (Trikonasana)

The last yoga posture in our beginners yoga class. This posture promotes lateral flexionand stretches, strengthens and relaxes all important back muscles at the same time. This makes the back elastic.

End relaxation

The most rewarding part of the beginners yoga class! All the benefits of the yoga exercises unfold during 10-15 minutes at the end of the lesson.

End relaxation

Through active relaxation (tension and relaxation of the muscles), deep breathing and a visualization exercise , deep relaxation occurs on three levels: physical , mental and spiritual relaxation .

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