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How can meditation help you?

How can meditation help you? 5

Since ancient times man has discovered that a huge advantage can be gained through control over the mind.

While in Europe meditation has been practiced for more than two thousand years, the technique of controlling the mind has been fully recognized and developed first in India and, later, in China.

For more than four thousand years, religious and spiritual disciplines clustered around meditative practices, but only the Buddha gave meditation a worthy place for gaining Enlightenment and ultimate salvation. All other religious systems saw meditation as the development of the mind for gaining supernatural powers, but the Buddha taught us to use meditation to look inside ourselves and get an inner vision, and thus develop ourselves, without being dependent on supernatural forces.

At an early stage, the goal of meditation is to help the individual to control the mind and train it to gain inner peace. Thus, a huge amount of mental energy can be concentrated, and this allows the mind to collect a huge reserve of strength.

We live in a world community where people think that they can find happiness, inner peace and harmony through wealth, strength and social status.

They also seek happiness through family relationships, work, relatives, friends and sensational pleasures. They try to change the external conditions of their physical, social and political environment in different ways, because they believe that when these relations develop, they can become happy and full of peace.

How can meditation help you? 6


But they forget that at any moment the conditions will stop changing. And before the fulfillment of their dreams, circumstances change and the promised happiness will dissolve like the morning mist at dawn. And the harder they try to achieve happiness, the more illusory it will become – like the desire to catch a fluttering butterfly, which is so temptingly close.

People spend a lot of their mental energy when they do not know how to accumulate it. Energy is like a waterfall. Water pours out from the waterfall.

An ingenious engineer, having studied this phenomenon, builds a dam to restrain this force. Restrained water, thus, turns into hydroelectric power, which illuminates the streets, houses and allows businesses to work.

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In the same way, we can gather our mental energy, restrain it and help others use it properly, and, in addition, – experience peace, happiness and satisfaction.

  1. If you are a busy person, meditation can help you get rid of stress and find relaxation.
  2. If you are a restless person, meditation can soothe you and help you find peace of mind.
  3. If you are a person with endless problems, it can help you develop courage and the strength to meet and overcome them.
  4. If you are always unhappy and nothing in life seems satisfactory to you, meditation can give you a chance to develop and establish inner satisfaction.
  5. If you do not have enough self-confidence, meditation can help you acquire this confidence, which is the secret of success in life.
  6. If you are skeptical and not interested in the religious way of life, meditation can help you go beyond your skepticism and see some practical values ​​in religious leadership.
  7. If you are disappointed and your heart is broken because of a lack of understanding of the meaning of life and the world, meditation can, through true guidance, help you understand the fast flowing nature.
  8. If you are a rich man, meditation can help you understand the nature of your wealth and how to use it not only for personal happiness, but for the happiness of others.
  9. If you are poor, meditation can help you develop satisfaction and not feed envy on those who have more than you.
  10. If you are a young man at the crossroads of life’s roads and you find it difficult to choose a path, meditation can help you find the right path for achieving your chosen goal.
  11. If you are an elderly person who is tired or fed up with life, meditation can lead you to a deeper understanding of it and, in turn, ease your pain and increase the joy of life.
  12. If you are hot and irritable, you can develop strength to overcome the sweetness of anger, hatred, resentment and resentment, and become a more calm and sensible person.
  13. If you are jealous and jealous, you can understand that a negative mental attitude will never add anything productive to your advantage.
  14. If you can not reduce the thirst for sensual desires, meditation will teach you to become the master of your sensual impulses.
  15. If you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, you can overcome this addiction that has enslaved you.
  16. If you are a narrow-minded person, you can develop an understanding that will benefit both you and your friends and family in order to avoid misunderstanding.
  17. If you are strongly influenced by emotions, your emotions will not be able to disorient you, mislead you.
  18. If you suffer from certain weaknesses, such as nervous shocks or mental disorders, flashes of nervousness, mental disorders, meditation can activate positive forces in the mind and body to restore health, especially if it is a psychosomatic disorder.
  19. If you are a wise person, meditation will lead you to a higher wisdom, and you will see things as they are, and do not seem.
  20. It is a generally accepted fact that meditation serves as a means of achieving a state of relaxation, in order to reduce stress and stress.
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Along with all these advantages, meditation means much more, not being only the above means, limiting its meaning.

The most significant knowledge brought from India and from the Far East to the West by various masters of the traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism contains the following: “It is entirely possible, thanks to the disciplined practice of meditation, to reach an alliance with the highest reality, and that this is not only possible, way to achieve something and at the same time gives an indication of how to achieve this. ” If we regularly practice meditation, then we can be absolutely sure that all problems of life, both internal and external, will be successfully resolved.

How can meditation help you? 7

If we truly want true peace, true joy, true love, then we will have to meditate. So we call peace, which we feel in our daily life only for five minutes after ten hours of anxiety, excitement and disappointment.

But this is not peace and nothing to do with it. We are at the disposal of jealousy, fear, doubt, anxiety, grief and disappointment.

Even if we meditated for 15 minutes and experienced peace for one minute, this moment of peace – lasting peace, will accompany us all day. He, this rest, is a solid, solid force that we have gained through meditation and which persists for a certain time.

When we have a higher order meditation, we undoubtedly get a great deal of peace and delight.

Thinking and meditation are absolutely different things, completely and radically different states. The thinking mind can never free us from the shackles of ignorance.

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The purpose of meditation is to free us from all thoughts. Thought is like a spot on a board. She is good or bad, she stays there.

Our thoughts are not very important. No matter how sweet or delicate they are at the moment, they limit us in the end, because they are limited and connect us.

Only in the absence of any thoughts we can grow into a true reality.

Many people around the world, regardless of their religious beliefs, have realized the benefits of meditation.

The immediate goal of meditation is to train the mind to use it effectively and effectively in our daily lives.

The ultimate goal of meditation is to seek liberation from the wheel of samsara, the cycle of births and deaths. Although this is a very difficult task, a favorable result can be achieved here and now – if you are serious about this.

It is advisable to repeat some of the things mentioned earlier. You should not enslave yourself with prospectuses of these advantages and lose sight of the real goal.

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