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What is chakra meditation?

What is chakra meditation? 3

Chakra meditation, a powerful meditation technique for your well-being

Practicing chakra meditation first and foremost strengthens weak chakras, but also improves your overall health and well-being in a second time.

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What is chakra meditation? 4


Also, if you feel the need to boost your energy, be it physically, mentally or spiritually, chakra meditation is a great way to energize you from within.

Let’s see now how to practice chakra meditation …

Energy and meditation chakra

Chakra meditation is a perfect meditation technique to recharge energy and develop inner harmony.

To practice chakra meditation, be accompanied by someone who can guide you. This allows you to better control the effects of your meditation on your chakras.

You will then be better able to make sure that your chakras are stronger at the end of your chakra meditation than when you started your session …

Meditation chakra instructions for use

Sit comfortably in a dimly lit room and start your chakra meditation while sitting cross-legged, legs crossed, hands resting on the thighs …

Follow the guide:

  • Take care when you settle to put your spine straight. Be careful not to contract: you must remain flexible.
  • Then close your eyes and concentrate on a deep breath to relax completely.

When you feel well relaxed, review each of your chakras in turn: start with the root chakra and head back up to the crown chakra.

Take all your time during this review of the chakras.

  • The root chakra offers you the opportunity to draw energy from the Earth. It is also the energy base of your spine and your being.
  • The navel chakra helps focus this energy: you can now feel the concentration of energy build up around your belly button. Visualize the energy as a hot lava flow that flows from this chakra to radiate the rest of the body.
  • The solar plexus chakra . Let your abdominal muscles relax as energy passes and feel the heat invade the center of the plexus and invade your entire chest.
  • The chakra of the heart . Imagine that your heart strengthens with each of your deep breaths. Now visualize and feel that energy coming into this center. It’s like a light radiating from your heart chakra.
  • The chakra of the throat . Breathe deeply and exhale vigorously. Enjoy this ample breathing to further relax your shoulders, neck and tongue with the energy that invades your throat chakra.
  • The chakra of the forehead . Always keep your eyes closed, and focus now on your third eye which is just between the eyebrows. Strive to visualize this chakra with this new energy …
  • The chakra of the crown . This is the final bouquet of your meditation: take the time to visualize a beautiful lotus with a thousand petals on the top of the skull. Visualize the color change from deep purple to bright white light.

That’s it, you went around your chakras …

Chakra meditation allows you to renew your energy in depth . To try it is also to adopt it because it is a very powerful meditation technique that will allow you to develop an unparalleled inner well-being. to use without moderation!

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