Live the now to learn to flow through life

live now flowing through life

Amid the bustle in which we tend to be stuck, live now flowing through life as uploaded on a surfboard manejándonos above the emotional waves without these drag us to the suffering of vital cliffs, it is a perfect choice to live the now being conscious of what happens all the time. In practice this puts us in the book that you now present. Flow; that is the key


To live now, it is the best “Learn to flow” Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Editorial Kairos

This professor of Psychology and Education at the University of Chicago, with a surname of complicated pronunciation as Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced “Chismijali”), and after his bestseller with the book “Flow” also published by the Kairos publishing house , invited us after reading this new book titled “learn to flow” that I recommend.

I can write several reviews to convince his reading, but almost it is enough to quote the poet transcribiros WHAuden that appears at the beginning of the volume. Says so:

“If you really want to live, it would be better start once try; If you do not want, it does not matter, but it would be better start to die , as the author explains it very well:” The choice is simple: between this moment and the inevitable end of our days, we can choose to live or die. If we limit ourselves to meet the needs of the body, biological life is a purely automatic process. But “live” in the sense that the poet speaks not at all mean something that happens by itself “, and that this first reference we find upon entering the book is contained the philosophy of life that brings reading “learn to flow” and that, ultimately, live now flowing through life, it is the best exercise and the best attitude to be, be and do in this new time in which we walk on foot.

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The book is a nice “guide” to improve our quality of life paying attention to what we do at all times and is a perfect complement to his previous book “Flow”. We spend too much time with the autopilot and when we decided to put a stop to this situation and return to live in the place that never should have left, which is none other than the here and now, the present moment, “here and now” which we also spoke Eckhart Tolle in his book “the power of now” , we realize that life is what happens while we are lost in the past or constantly enveloped by what we believe will happen in the future.

In today it is where we spent the days in which we struggle against pain or suffering tried to disappear, in which we relate, we work, drive, love, chatted ….

To learn to live now, this book is a good overview between a psychological study and a self-help book that leads us to regain the fullness of life.

I see it in every edition of the Program 40 online practice mindfulness or mindfulness, is that all men and women who are targeted and they do, they end up realizing that there is another way of being, living and do much more beneficial that we usually get that change and only it depends on us and we ourselves and them. It is our life and, therefore, it is our decision to take control of it or get carried away by these waves trying to get live now is just an unattainable dream.

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Through the pages of “Learn to flow” you will realize that it is not only possible to change the course of our life attitudes, but that is all an invitation to the pleasure of living in the now flowing at this time we have. Life in capital letters.

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