Life after death or life here and now

Life after death or life here and now.

When life after death is also a hymn to live here and now with consciousness and serenity.


Speaking of life after death “Near Death Experiences” Penny Sartori in Editorial Kairos


No I never imagined he could speak of life after death with the fear that I always gave “these things”, but years ago, when I was present at the death of my father, all fear dissipated and more aware yet that the important thing was to accept that reality in life putting more presence.

Here and now for serenity, enjoyment and magic of life.

Years later I got this book I present here, written by Penny Sartori , with a foreword by Pim van Lommel , in which he talks at length of a taboo subject, but is covertly present during life. There is something else that life after told through the experiences near death of countless people who have gone through such experiences that changed them their own way of understanding life here and now death.

The author is a doctor, nurse and coordinator of the first prospective long-term study conducted on the subject in the UK and international speaker.

It is therefore this book, a book to the use of “mystery” or so the joke -permítaseme “Fourth Millennium”; but an important research conducted by the author over a long period of time on the experience of life after death or, as it is popularly known, near-death experience (NDE).

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I have been very curious to see, throughout the book, how those people who have had that experience of life after death, usually occur in them a renunciation of materialism and status-seeking.

Notes the Sartori doctor who “after an NDE, life as a whole is subjected to a revaluation, and where once money, status and wealth were the target, after this experience the simple things in life, like spending more time with loved ones, charging priority. “

It is that simple assertion, for which, as I read the book almost in one sitting ( I confess that “these issues” have their “hook”) I realized as well, in a way, the experience of mindfulness life it is a kind of experience of life after death, because his practice ends, almost always to provoke a nice change of purpose in life.

Not fear life after death, but not knowing how to use what is now unfolding before each of us and us.

Life is there to be lived with unfolding consciousness and giving the value you have.

Without fear, I recommend reading the book of Penny Sartori to understand that in life after death, as the author notes, “admit the existence of communication after death can also accelerate the process of mourning. As people who report these phenomena are convinced that it is real communication and thus radically change their point of view and discover a new sense of life and death. With a new outlook on life it is easier to heal emotional wounds and achieve peace of mind. “

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