Healthy lifestyle. From stress to Inner Peace With mindfulness

Healthy lifestyle.  Stress to inner peace.  Fitness I

Healthy lifestyle. Yes, that we will discuss during the next 4 Plenacción blog post. healthy lifestyle to live without stress. Is not it important ?. Take pen and paper to begin.


Having a conscious life is to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and stress.


Really, if you want to know exactly what that stress, why it occurs and what consequences for both your mind to your body, I’ll recommend a good book on the subject titled as a surprise: “Why zebras do not have ulcers ?. Stress Guide “by Robert M.Sapolsky

healthy lifestyle

To have a healthy life, it is very important to know the consequences that stress poorly managed and maintained over time, can have on your health both physically and mentally.

But before “getting into flour” in these next post to talk about living a healthy lifestyle stress, is not more you can learn your degree of stress right now right ?.

Well , let’s do this. So I invite you to take pen and paper, and perform this simple test I propose. With it, you’ll see the perception of the degree of stress that you have and if you are on the road to a healthy life or, conversely, you could use to carry out some “sprucing” into your way of living and perceiving your reality.

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This test is an adaptation of Holmes and Rahe test for measuring the degree of stress

In each of the questions, answers with a YES or NO and record your answer.



1.     Do you get angry easily?

2.     Do you often have health problems?

3.     Would you rather stay home to compete in the demanding modern world?

4.     Do you find it difficult to balance in situations of external aggression?

5.     Do you often feel unloved or loved one ?

6 . Can you become unbearable criticism?

7.     Do you feel that your life is no more sacrifices compensation?

8.     Do you feel alone / herself or empty / a?

9.     Do you feel you have a lot of responsibility in your work?

10. Is it hard to separate external problems (labor, economic) of your inner life?

11. Do you feel that your work do not value you as you deserve?

12. Do you have conflict in your life partner?

13. Do you feel that your life is very routine?

14. Do you feel test permanently?

15. Is it hard to impose your authority?

16. Do you feel bad about yourself?

17. Does your work routine and soon you find it exciting?

18. Have you lost your job or are about to lose it ?

19. Do you tend to be introverted?

20. Do you find it difficult to distribute your time well?

21. Does your work frequently causes you trouble?

22. Do you do more things than you can?

23. Is it hard to forgive?

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24. Do you displease a lot when things do not go as planned had?

25. Is it hard to face squarely the difficulties?

26. Do you often leave jobs half done or habitually defer them ?

27. Do you overwhelms the difficulty that the money reaches you make ends meet?

28. Your life has undergone many changes over the past year?

Well, now that you have the answers to each of the questions, you have to add your score considering that each SI are 2 points and 1 point each NO.

With the final sum, calculated with the following scale, your level of stress:




In this simple way, you’ll be able to have a first contact with your stress level and be aware of the degree of healthy life where you are right now.

And now I want you to not forget these two words: “homeostasis” and “allostasis” . Two concepts in the psychology of emotion him to determine the stability of our internal environment. Talk about the proper functioning of the body precisely is broken when stress appears.

A healthy life, no doubt, is to establish an ongoing encounter with our inner peace that reflects our own balance. The problem is that, given the level of stress that we usually have, that peace is suspended and broken our level of inner balance.

You have to be clear that, within the three stages of “general adaptation syndrome” pointing Hans Selye (alarm reaction resistance state and depletion phase) , is in the latter, in the phase of depletion, when stress ends “making mischief” to sustain that level of internal imbalance over time.

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Through the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness , when we got off the autopilot with which we live and begin to become aware of the present moment, when we get used to living in the here and now, we are able to differentiate between responding and reacting , which gets us to establish a good command of stress.

healthy lifestyle, stress and inner life. The possibilities of change.


This is what we will see over the next three entries in the Blog, whose links will appear at the end of each text so you can go from one to another.

It is true that stress is necessary to respond to the changes and demands of our environment , but the problem is when, on the one hand, moving towards a further degree of stress events and viewpoints that are only in our minds and because we do not know well manage the time we have for, say, one day.

Note that, depending on our perception of our own reality, an internal activation resulting in an emotion and a series of bodily changes occur. If that perception is already negative, everything that happens next is a drift of negativity that causes an alteration in our homeostasis or natural balance of our body.

Stress is necessary for our own survival, but an aggravation of that stress can even cause serious illness.

Look at the relationship between activation and performance that marked Yerkes and Dodson in the early twentieth century.

healthy lifestyle

Relationships between activation, stress and performance for healthy living


Higher degrees of activation (understand this as vital stress and acceleration) cause anxiety and disorganization.

Like a low activation, resulting is drowsiness.

Therefore, finding a good level of stress , suitable for healthy living, it makes us feel in a good optimal balance to develop our life from that point of view healthy lifestyle.

As you can see if you have not already done following the writings of blog Plenacción and mindfulness programs, especially PROGRAM 40 and PROGRAM LIVE NOW , the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, is a great tool for managing not only our time properly, but to properly manage stress way and, therefore, achieve a good balance in our inner life and lead a healthy lifestyle necessary in these times of so many changes and accelerations.

In the next blog post we will see how combat stress , but now I want you to remember something Sapolsky tells us in his book that I was reviewing at the beginning of the article: “Why do zebras have no ulcer ?. Stress guide “ and that ” Humans can trigger stress responses thinking about potential stressors that can break our homeostatic balance in the distant future. “

That is, that stress has a solution and not somewhere else than within.

And now a little mindfulness practice to start.


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