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How do I know if I am doing the meditation correctly?

How do I know if I am doing the meditation correctly? 3
How do I know if I am doing the meditation correctly? 4
The question is legitimate especially when one starts the meditation . Am I meditating well? Do I have to reach a particular state? And in the absence of quick results, we quickly ask the question: Am I meditating well?Meditation can be separated into two activities: What you do with your body and what you do with your mind .

What you do with your body

Let’s start with the first, do you have a good posture? It does not matter whether you’re sitting in a chair or on the floor. What really matters is that your back is straight , that you feel comfortable and alert at the same time .

What you do with your mind

When the position is good, you have already done halfway. Now you have the part, the hardest, what you do with your mind.

There are many ways to meditate. Some use the breath as a point of reference, others the recitation of mantras. All, on the other hand, share one point in common: concentration and full awareness .

Like many people, I meditate focusing on my breathing. So when I meditate, I pay attention to the air I inspire, even try to follow its course until the expiration. Then, one moment or another, your mind will wander, following a thought or feeling an emotion …

It is important not to get upset, this is normal. The opposite would be abnormal. The goal is not to stop thinking but simply to observe your thoughts . So when you catch your mind wandering, just bring your concentration gently and calmly on your breath .

The purpose of meditation is to discover what happens when you have no goal. To be simply present, without judgment to what appears to you as thought or emotion. The only mistake in meditation is to want to meditate properly . Standing well, focusing on your breathing and watching what’s coming to you is all you need to do.

To summarize

To summarize, I will say that there are several types of meditation. What is important is to have a straight back, to be both comfortable and attentive. Then to pay attention to his breathing for example. Finally, bring your attention and concentration to your breathing every time your mind wanders. If these points are respected then you meditate “correctly”.

A mind at rest without the slightest thought is not the goal of meditation. The goal is to meditate patiently and regularly. That’s when the results will be felt.

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