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Unexpected facts about healthy food from dietician Sue Baik

Unexpected facts about healthy food from dietician Sue Baik 1

Energetic Briton Sue Baik – nutritionist with over 20 years of experience, led by the Department of healthy nutrition and dietetics at the University of Bristol (UK), said:

1. Tuna canned – useless food

As well as salmon, herring and other fatty fish, tuna – a reliable source of omega-3 fatty acids.
Portion tuna once a week (140 g) is important for normal brain and blood vessels, prevents depression. But canned tuna in omega-3 does not contain: preservation technology used does not allow to save these acids.

2. The low-fat milk has more calcium

Milk and dairy products with a low fat (1-2%), more preferably solid (3.5% or more).
So you not only eat less saturated fat, but also to get more calcium: in the process of displacement of fat the amount of calcium in the same volume of milk increases.

Calcium in the diet is important for everyone, because it protects against osteoporosis, but it is especially necessary for women (at any age) and the elderly.
Skeleton is updated approximately every seven years, so start to work on improving its power in this sense is never too late.

3. The famous Dukan Diet is not harmless

Dukan Diet – this is a variation on the protein Atkins diet and the “Kremlin hospital.”
Its main problem – the long-term excessive load on the kidneys because of the abundance of proteins. In such a diet in an excess of body protein breakdown products – urates, oxalates, etc. This leads to intoxication and this can seriously affect the kidneys, liver and other organs… In addition, the diet is almost entirely lacking carbohydrates, which causes a strong imbalance in the whole, and a small amount of fiber will lead to gastrointestinal problems.

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4. A separate food – myth

To date, there is no scientific evidence that the separate intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates are healthier than traditional mixed diet.

5. Less water – more vitamins

If during cooking to spend a minimum time for heat treatment, use a minimum of water and fat, it will keep most of the vitamins and minerals in a dish.
This reduces the total amount drunk per day of water is not necessary – it is necessary for the body.

6. We think about food 100 times per day

Every day, we receive an average of 100 decisions related to food.
If 90 of them are in favor of healthy wholesome foods, 10 might as well be in favor of your weaknesses. Because the food – it’s not just the nutrients, but also be sure to enjoy.

Sue Baik offers an interesting method how to quickly find out if you eat right

Remember and write down what you ate yesterday for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
Now overcharge itself from one to five points, if there were vegetables and fruits in this menu: how many servings eaten, so many points, but no more than five. For example: one apple, vegetable salad and a banana – it’s three points. Vegetable soups, frozen and canned fruits and vegetables are also considered. Add another point if you had breakfast. Plus one if you had breakfast porridge, muesli or bread made from whole wheat flour. Did you use a salt shaker at dinner? If not – add points. Ate fish at least once in the past week – one more score. Use mainly vegetable, rather than butter – still score. And one more point if yesterday you did not eat fast food and do not stick at the moment some fashionable diets.

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If the accumulated score 10-12, then your diet is all right.
If less than 11, think about how to change the diet for the better. The easiest way – to eat more vegetables and fruits.

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